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  1. This is exactly why I want to be a hospice nurse!
  2. charity school of nursing

    You get so many points based on certain categories. For example, 10 points if you already have a bachelors degree, 5-10 points if you are already a CNA, 20 points if you've already taken your A&P's, 10 points if you've taken A&P 1 and are en...
  3. Spring 2011 charity grad-no job

    I've heard that this is just Louisiana. I graduate in May and I'm worried about it all the time because I don't work in a hospital. It's even hard to get a CNA job, which I don't understand because I've seen a LOT of CNA's in my clinicals who are v...

    Maybe talk to HR and see about joining a committee at your hospital, like a safety committee. That would be a good way to sort of network and meet other people at your hospital, AND have the chance to help make some changes.
  5. Health insurance ahhh...

    I use a company called Student Assurance Services. It's an inexpensive supplemental/accidental insurance for college students provided through my schools health department and it is sufficient for the nursing program. I'm not sure of the exact webs...
  6. This is a question on my operating room prep sheet and I'm a little confused!
  7. Charity Nac II

    I'm sorry I can't advise you but I just registered for NAC I and already feeling the anxiety/losing sleep!!! Best of luck to you!
  8. I definitely recommend the Fundamentals of nursing book. You don't need the ethics book. I'm almost finished with Basics and I've never used it. You also don't need the pharm book. I did find it helpful for calculations, there are some good examp...
  9. Has anyone applied to Charity School of Nursing Fall 2010

    I just got my letter in the mail for fall 2010!!!!! Hope to see you there!!!!!!
  10. Correction: Charity fall 2010 I'll be there!

    Thank you!!!! Best of luck to you, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Correction: Charity fall 2010 I'll be there!

    I know someone who works in the admissions department. Letters go out in 2-3 weeks. 180 people have been chosen out of 500 something applicants.
  12. I'm psyched!
  13. Charity Fall 2011!!

    .... I just found out that I was accepted. But now that I think about it I'm not sure if thats fall 2010 or 2011?? Whatever, I'm in!!! Bring on the hard stuff, I can hardly wait.
  14. Has anyone applied to Charity School of Nursing Fall 2010

    I applied for fall 2010!!! I made a 78 on TEAS and have a 3.1 GPA so I'm doubtful that I will get in, but we'll see!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  15. Charity SON Profile Score

    The Charity SON information bulletin shows a 20 as a low score and a 70 as a high score for the application profile scoring. My score is a 50. I talked to someone who works in admissions that said this is not a bad score. If anything, it will be h...