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Correction: Charity fall 2010 I'll be there!


I'm psyched!

Hi Kate1g03

Does that mean you've gotten your acceptance letter already?

I know someone who works in the admissions department. Letters go out in 2-3 weeks. 180 people have been chosen out of 500 something applicants.

Congrats!!!! That's exciting news to hear...you'll do just fine. You seem ready to go now!!!! That's nerve wrecking for me, because no telling how many people out of that 500 did better then me! Anyway, congrats and good luck to you in Nursing school. If I get accepted I'll be letting you know shortly!

Thank you!!!! Best of luck to you, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah-- how happy you must be !!

I am a Charity grad- 2007.. and i never get tired of saying that and once you graduate you will see why I am so proud. Its the best!!!

Best of Luck :yeah:

Got my acceptance letter a few days ago!! I can't wait to see everyone in August!! PM me if you have been accepted!!

I got accepted into Charity for Fall 2010. I am working on getting my hepB shots and physical right now. Does anyone know when we can meet with someone in Jan for advise. I want to start ahead on books, etc. Does anyone know when our orientation is?

hey willmontz,

I'm in for spring 2010 and the process kind of went like this... got accepted in Juneish (i think) but we didn't get advised until October .. they sent us a letter stating when to get advised and when you do, you get a packet of everything you need to know.

As far as books I don't think they will change from what my list is but if you go to Delgado's bookstore website you can look up what books you will need. The first classes that you should be taking are Nurs 112 and 115

also I wouldn't get to far ahead on the physical... the shots are fine but they told us to wait on the TB test .. our medical forms were due Nov 2nd and they asked us to wait until Dec to get it done. That way it would be good for the whole year.

Hope that helps and congrats!