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lynnr_98 has 21 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN.

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  1. lynnr_98

    VA offering me RN 1 but I have BSN??

    This is the website where you can look at the pay scales for any VA location. If you don’t know what station it is, go down to the state first and look for the facility you want and it’ll tell you the station. Then you can find easily that station’...
  2. lynnr_98

    VA offering me RN 1 but I have BSN??

    I just turned down a job with the August, GA VA because they would not budge on the salary. I became an RN with a BSN in 2001 and got my MSN in 2011. They offered me Nurse 2 step 8. I asked for reconsideration since I've been an RN for 20 years, h...
  3. lynnr_98

    Adding more letters?

    Hi Jess, I don't feel my MSN in Occupational Health Nursing has helped in regards to Occ Health as most Occ Health jobs don't require an MSN. The COHN-S is required or highly desired for most Occ Health jobs that I see posted so I suggest you acquir...
  4. lynnr_98

    Pre-employment physical -uds

    I just left my Occupational Health Nurse job but can tell you that where I worked (a very large County in So. Calif), you would need to list any presciption meds you've taken in the last year on your medical history form along with any surgeries, ill...
  5. lynnr_98

    Adding more letters?

    Here is the link for info on the Master's programs and the certificate program: Occupational health nursing degree program If you scroll to the bottom, the information regarding the certificate is there along with the link to the certificate site wit...
  6. lynnr_98

    Pre-employment physical question

    If no one has called you in a week's time, I would call them and ask for your status. Where I work, the MD or PA doing the physical would tell the applicant right away if they wanted a letter from their psychiatrist. If an applicant was diagnosed a...
  7. lynnr_98

    Adding more letters?

    I don't think the CEN would help you for future OHN roles but would be beneficial if you plan on being an ER nurse later in life. While several Occ Health job ads have said that they want a nurse with ER experience, I've never seen an ad that asked ...
  8. Can anyone tell me what's it's like to work at Camp Pendleton's Deployment Health Clinic in general and as a Nurse Case Manager specifically? I have a copy of the job description but was hoping someone could tell me a little more about the work envi...
  9. lynnr_98

    Online MSN in OHN at Univ of Iowa

    Hi SunDazed! It's probably best that you declined. President Obama's budget cuts end all financial support for the ERCs so tuition will not be paid by NIOSH next year. I'm really bummed that I'll have to pay for it myself but am grateful that the ...
  10. lynnr_98

    How long does it take to get a Hawaii RN license?

    I applied for mine on 2/5/11 and just saw online that my HI RN license has been issued as of 2/28/11. Now I'm just waiting for the actual license to arrive in the mail.
  11. lynnr_98

    Online MSN in OHN at Univ of Iowa

    sanz.ian, If I recall correctly, in order to get the NIOSH grant, you have to be a US citizen. I believe you can still apply and attend the school but wouldn't qualify for the grant.
  12. lynnr_98

    Online MSN in OHN at Univ of Iowa

    Hi SunDazed! I'm just about done with this semester....I have my last final this coming Tuesday. It was definitely challenging working full-time and going to school full-time but was doable, although there were times I was so overwhelmed that I tho...
  13. lynnr_98

    Online MSN in OHN at Univ of Iowa

    Ok SunDazed, here's some more info regarding the program. Even though I'm not in the state of Iowa, I'm considered a resident for funding purposes. NIOSH paid 100% of my tuition this year. The form I signed said they're paying $14098 for the year....
  14. lynnr_98

    Online MSN in OHN at Univ of Iowa

    Hi sundazed, The program doesn't start until late August. I'll be attending the mandatory orientation on August 20th so will have more information then. At this point in time, I'm still unsure how much NIOSH is going to pay. I've read posts by peo...
  15. lynnr_98

    Future direction OH Nursing...?

    Hi JerseyLilly! What other specialty field are you in now? Do you miss Occ Health or are you enjoying your new job? Your posts have provided so much information to me while I try to transition to an OHN position. I'm still working in Work Comp ca...