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gastroenterology,GI med&surg oncology
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applesandfishes has 8 years experience and specializes in gastroenterology,GI med&surg oncology.

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  1. applesandfishes

    Duke DNP Spring 2016 Cohort

    hi! I'm doing the MSN-AGNP program and will be doing the on campus orientation in January. if anybody wants to meet up and sit together, let me know! :)
  2. applesandfishes

    Duke AGNP experience

    Hi, I just wanted to check among the group who is currently or have been in Duke's AGNP program and if you can please share your experience, from the orientation, teachers, the entire process, job placements - the good, bad and ugly :). I am having my interview on Sept 2 (Wednesday) and would love to hear all your thoughts about the program. And if you even have more tips to share for the interview process, that would be welcome too! thanks!
  3. applesandfishes

    Duke FNP Spring 2015

  4. applesandfishes

    Duke FNP Spring 2015

    hi! i can't send private messages yet. sorry i was not able to check my acct in the last few weeks. i have not heard anything yet. how about you? they did call me about the women's health. to be honest, i thought they were calling me regarding the decision. haha! i hate it that i have to wait as i want to make plans for the next year. it feels like your life is on hold and you're on a limbo. i hope they'd do a better job with the wait list. hope all is well with you too! keep me posted!
  5. applesandfishes

    Duke FNP Spring 2015

    yay! we can all keep in touch then! good luck everyone! keep us all posted!
  6. applesandfishes

    Duke FNP Spring 2015

    when do you think we should hear back from them? i hope we get in!! :)
  7. applesandfishes

    Duke FNP Spring 2015

    Hello. Anyone applying for FNP at Duke for Spring 2015??