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  1. This is a good topic that the OP posted about. I would highly advise against dating any co-worker, whether it's a nurse aide, an LPN, RN or even a physician, at the facility you work at. I don't know about your guys' facilities that you work at. But at my facility that I work at, many of the female employees are 1) Already married with children 2) Married with a husband,.... but no children/kids 3) Divorced, and has a child from ex-husband relationship Let's say that you do end up dating a female co-worker at the facility you work for, but you end up breaking up your relationship with her down the road. She may get pissed off at you, and start to talk trash behind your back to other co-workers, and make your work life / environment miserable. Remember, female form of "bullying" is in the form of being "catty" and talking trash behind your back. And also remember that females outnumber males, 4 or 5:1 ratio in most of the nursing hospital/acute-care facilities in the US. Kind of the same in SNF or long-term assisted living facilities. Good luck with dating or finding a significant other. But like others here have stated, work place, uh uh (shakes head), not the place to begin.
  2. Ecstatic2014

    So how does it feel like to be a male nurse

    @ Panjeremy, How's it feel like to be a male nurse, or moreso, a male nurse applicant? Like cr@p! I have posted a thread about anti-male discrimination in the hiring process for RN jobs. Let me tell you brother, that discrimination amongst hospital HR offices for male nurse applicants, is still rampant in the US. This is not the "fully-experience under the belt" type of male nurses I am talking about. I am talking about brand new spanking male nurses who have just graduated from nursing school. The new graduate RN program at my hospital mainly select female applicants. It's not only that. But I know a lot of male nurse aides/techs at my hospital who have been working as aides/techs, for a long long LONG time (long, as in two years!), even after passing their NCLEX_RN board. These guys have their RN licenses and have applied to my hospital's new graduate nursing program, only to get turned down/denied admission, multiple times. I know of one guy who simply had it with the hospital mangemenet bureaucracy, because he was denied admission to the program, multiple # of times, that he simply left/resigned from his aide/tech job. I am venting, because I found out several female classmates of mine are working as RN's at various hospitals in my area. If you didn't know, it is very very difficult to find an RN job in an acute-care hospital setting, if you don't have at least 12-months of acute-care nursing experience. So how the hell did they get hired as RN's, where they lack RN acute-care experience? Why you ask?? It's because when they filled out their job application online, they checked off "female." Let me know you that the "OLD GIRL NETWORK" still exists in the field of nursing, let alone, the hiring process.
  3. Hey guys, I highly encourage you to try hard and strive for excellence during your nursing school career. But I just came here to vent, because I have graduated from a BSN nursing program last year, May 2014. Come to find out that several of my FEMALE nursing classmates are working as some kind of RN. Whether it's in a care home, long-term assisted living facility, an acute-care hospital job (which is very hard to get here in my area, if you have ZERO experience as an RN!!!), several of my FEMALE classmates have RN jobs. Life is so #(*U#$*^%# unfair! For me, I have been working as a nurse aid/tech at a hospital in my area, since July of last year. I am proud to work for the facility that I work for. However, I have passed my NCLEX-RN board exam, have my state RN license, yet I am working as a tech? Here in my neck of the wood, you have to work as an aide/tech for certain amount of time before you're eligible to apply for an RN new graduate program. This program is offered at the hospital that I work for. However, to get admitted into this program,...there is stiff/high competition. I also heard through the grapevine that applicants need to be a member of one of the hospitals committee to get into this program. So far, I am not invited to join a committee, let alone, I have asked one of the floor managers if I could join his committee, only to have him change the date and time of meeting last minute, to prevent me from attending the montly meeting (which I thought was downright dirty!). Anyhow, getting back to the point of my thread, I found out last week that a female classmate of mine, who was a good friend of mine, is working as a med-surg RN at a hopsital in town! She has zero experience in acute care nursing. Yet, how the hell did she get hired to work med-surg at that hospital?!!! For me, I am working as an aide, waiting to apply for a new graduate position. I have also submitted job applications for RN positions at other hospitals in my area, only to get no phone calls, or when I call their HR office, they tell me that my application is on "hold" because there are no openings available. Furthermore, I also saw another female classmate's picture, in one of the local newspaper's article (featured a story about that hospital's healthcare system). The caption read " XXXXX ( For her, I am happy and proud that she's now working and getting RN PAY RATE. But for me, I am getting flustered and frustrated that I am 'behind the curve' not getting paid what I should get paid, not using my RN skills that i have learned in school. I don't know guys. Overall, I still feel that there is heavy discrimination against males when it comes to the hiring process of RN's and even nurse aides/techs, in not only my area, but other parts of the US. I am also upset because I called up that former friend classmate, asking her about her job, how she likes it, etc, only to have me leave her a voicemail to call me back. I also sent her a text message and email, asking her to email me back, or call me back. So far, no phone calls. Seems like my former classmate and friends in school are smug/complacent that they're working as RN's, while as for me, I am dreading everyday, and waiting and waiting for me to get admitted into my hospitals "new graduate" program for nurses who recently graduated from school, with zero/zilch nursing experience.
  4. I have graduated from a BSN nursing program last year around May. Here in my area, it is very very difficult to find an RN job, moreso in my case, in the acute-care hospital settings. Hospitals in my area only hire RN's who have at least one-year of acute care nursing experience. I hate to think of the fact that I may have to move out of town, to find an RN job elsewhere. Number one, I am in a relationship with my GF right now, and it would suck to break up with her. Number two, I manage my parents' property, so I need to be around. Number three, I have already spent tons of money in the past to move out of town to work elsewhere (but these were jobs other than nursing - nursing is my 2nd career), and then spend even more money to mail my belongings back home. Right now, the hospital I work for has a new graduate program for registered nurse. Openings/positions are available to apply for every six months. However, the competition to get admitted into this program is very very very HIGH! There are only a certain number of attempts that applicants who, before they are no longer considered for this new graduate RN program. They only select current employees, mainly like me, who work either as nurse aids or ward clerks. For now, I don't really mind working as a nurse aid, because I want to get my foot in the door and work hard to show managers my capability. But the thought that I may never get into this program, after x-amount of times of applying to this new graduate program, is giving me nightmares, panick attacks, etc. I have seen excellent nurse aids, who have their RN license and graduated from an RN nursing program, not get admitted into my hospital's new graduate program, and having to leave town to work, or simply give up on nursing. I don't know......I am just worried and have nightmares about my nursing career.
  5. Hey guys, I am wondering who here works for a nursing agency for either a part-time, on-call, or even a full-time status? Anybody want to chime in and mention their work experiences with the following nursing agencies: - Kahu Malama - Altres Medical - Nurse Finders - Kokua Nurses - Island Nurses I know one of the downsides to working agency nursing is that your work shift may get cancelled one to two hours prior to your assigned shift. I've heard stories of nurse managers also sending home RN's, CNA's or LPN's if the census is low. However, with agency nursing jobs, the perk is that you get to work at various hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health, psychiatric hospitals, prison/jail, you name it. My plan is to be a full-time employee of any hospital here on Oahu (to also get health insurance benefits too!), while working part-time with a nursing agency. If you feel like you want to PM some information about these nursing agencies because you are, or have worked for them, please feel free to shoot me a PM.
  6. Ecstatic2014

    New Graduate Programs on Oahu

    Is this true that all hospital facilities on Oahu have new graduate programs? The last time I looked into Kaiser in Moanalua, Wahiawa General, they don't have new grad programs. The only facilities on Oahu that have new graduate RN programs, at least that I have heard of, are QMC and some of the Hawaii Pacific Health subsidiary facilities.
  7. Ecstatic2014

    New Grad RN Jobs?

    I am curious as to which hospital facilities on Oahu, have new graduate RN programs....besides QMC and some of the Hawaii Pacific Health subsidiaries. I doubt Kaiser - Moanalua has any new graduate programs. Neither does Castle or Wahiawa General. How about neighbor island hospital facilities? Anybody here had to end up going to Big Island, Kauai or Maui for training because RN training was not available on Oahu? Tripler Army M.C. is only looking for nurses with experience. Their only new graduate program is through the US army military, which I don't want to do, as chances are, you can be deployed at the same time.
  8. Ecstatic2014

    Medical Student to Nursing Student

    @ Thatguy777 Hey man, I don't know why others here haven't suggested another nursing route. But since you already have a bachelor's degree in biology, and you have been through what, one or two years of medical school, why not apply for a master's entry program in nursing (AKA "MEPN")?!!! Man, if I could go back in time, I would have applied for these types of MEPN programs! I already have a bachelor's degree, not in biology or biochem, but in business administration. These programs are usually for students who have a bachelor's degree in something, other than nursing. The nursing students in these MEPN programs tend to be more studious, there are less "drama" and immaturity amongst the students, and a lot of them are grown ups. Hence, less issues and drama when working with these students. So go ahead and take the pre-requisites to your classes. But I would highly recommend you apply for any kind of MEPN nursing program, so that way, you become a nurse practitioner, since you already have some medical school experience under your belt! Good luck!!
  9. Ecstatic2014

    Queen's Job Fair

    @ bellatrixrn. Wait, a sec. So you've graduated from nursing school with a BSN, and have been working as a hospital CNA for around two years! Wow! I give you credit for doing that kind of work for that duration - especially if you have your RN license and doing CNA or tech work for that long. Did you try to apply for new graduate programs here in Hawaii? I am set to take my NCLEX-RN soon next month. Oooh, I'm so nervous to be honest! Right now, I am studying, and working as a full-time CNA at a care home, as well as being an on-call CNA for a nursing agency. I want to hurry on and get my RN license, but the dreaded NCLEX is my obstacle for now. Then there will be the dread of applying for new RN graduate programs here in Hawaii. I would hate to leave the islands to find a job.
  10. Ecstatic2014

    Possible to work full time and study for NCLEX-RN??

    ^^ Thank you for your guys' advice on juggling full-time work and studying! :)
  11. Ecstatic2014

    Lawsuit over grade changes?

    @Jackson12, Usually, the judiciary court system has no say, whatsoever, with the grading system of a school. Once you get a letter grade for a course from your instructor, it is only up to the university's grievance committee to hear your case and listen to you and your classmates' side of the story to change the grade. Otherwise, getting an attorney is just a waste of your time and money. Study hard, keep your head up high! Good luck!!
  12. I am curious if there are any of you who recently graduated from nursing school, and is working FULLTIME job right now, while studying for the NCLEX-RN?? I just recently started a full-time CNA job (since I have yet to take NCLEX) for a long-term assisted living/care facility. I am worried that I will be super duper tired to even turn on my computer and watch the Kaplan or Hurst lecture videos. The manager told me that there will be some days where I will be working the night shift (I guess since I'm a newbie, newbies get night shifts). I am set to take the NCLEX some time in July. Let me know how you've scheduled your days and study plan.
  13. Ecstatic2014

    Queen's Job Fair

    I don't think the QMC job fair will include new grad program stuff. New RN grad programs, at least the ones here in Hawaii, are only available to current employees of the facility. The last time I went to the QMC job fair, which was held at Manoa Elementary Sch, there were just a large group of nursing managers and administrators interviewing applicants on the spot. Most of the applicants I have chatted with while I was waiting in line, have at least two years of RN experience at a hospital/facility on the mainland. So competition for nursing job is stiff! I will tell you, at that job fair, the line was LOOONNNGGG! Overall, the QMC job fair is mainly looking for "veteran" nurses (meaning those with lots of RN experience), nurse aids/technicians (probably need experience too), janitors, office clerical aids, security guards, and maintenance workers. So be prepared to stand/wait in line for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours! Good luck.
  14. Ecstatic2014

    Swedish Nurse Residency Sept 2014

    I am curious if most of you applicants for the Swedish residency program have already graduated from nursing school either in May/June 2013 or December 2013, and already have your RN license? Sounds like most of the applicants who have received interviews for Swedish already have their RN license. I am an applicant for the Sept 2014 cohort, but am still awaiting my ATT to take my NCLEX.
  15. Hey guys, I am wondering what kind of education or background I will need in order to operate a nursing home in the future? As of now, I have my BSN degree and plan on working in med-surg unit hopefully at a hospital. I also have a B.S. degree in Business Administration. I also work part-time as an agency nurse aid right now (since I just graduated and need to take NCLEX soon) in a long-term assisted living facility. I know of two attorneys here in my town, who have partnered up, hired two RN's, and have four nurse aids staff their five-resident nursing home. I think they also invested a lot of money to making the shower room look fancy, etc.
  16. Ecstatic2014

    Do any hospitals in the Portland area have new grad RN programs??

    ^^ Awesome awesome, VivaLaVespaGirl!! I like the OHSU campus. I have been there in the past when visiting a friend attending his latter part of pharmacy school. Again, thank you!!