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Anybody here works for a nurse agency in Hawaii?


Hey guys,

I am wondering who here works for a nursing agency for either a part-time, on-call, or even a full-time status?

Anybody want to chime in and mention their work experiences with the following nursing agencies:

- Kahu Malama

- Altres Medical

- Nurse Finders

- Kokua Nurses

- Island Nurses

I know one of the downsides to working agency nursing is that your work shift may get cancelled one to two hours prior to your assigned shift. I've heard stories of nurse managers also sending home RN's, CNA's or LPN's if the census is low.

However, with agency nursing jobs, the perk is that you get to work at various hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health, psychiatric hospitals, prison/jail, you name it.

My plan is to be a full-time employee of any hospital here on Oahu (to also get health insurance benefits too!), while working part-time with a nursing agency.

If you feel like you want to PM some information about these nursing agencies because you are, or have worked for them, please feel free to shoot me a PM.

If you have at least 1 year experience you have a lot more opportunities available through temp agencies. Otherwise you might have to take LPN pay for an RN job.