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  1. Hadassah16

    What job to take

    Unique RN, do what set your heart on fire. If you like home care do it. You still making a difference in your patient's and their family lives. Sometimes we think if we are not working in a hospital we are not nurses and not making a difference. I am fairly new nurse also and I understand the anxiety and fear going to work knowing that it will be understaffed and you have to be Charge Nurse and Medications Nurse to 15+ Residents. You are being pull here and there by everyone. No help from administration, Anxiety skyrocketing, you can't wait for the shift to end ect. I have a friend you can't get her to work in a hospital or nursing home setting. She only do home care nursing. She love it. Hope you can get more feedback from more experience nurses on here. I hope this helps.
  2. Hadassah16

    Most Burned Out Nursing Specialties?

    Very true about LTC. I am in LTC specialty for almost a year and I am burnout. Can't wait to move on.
  3. Hadassah16


    Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my questions Thank you for the advice. I will put it into practice.
  4. Hadassah16


    Hello Fellow Nurses, I am a fairly new nurse with 1 year experience in SNF. I got a new Staff Nurse position at an Acute Care Hospital in Telemetry-Cardiac. Please I need advice as to what to expect? How to approach my new position? Areas to focus on ect? All nursing nuggets welcome. Thank you.