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meaa42 has 1 years experience as a RN.

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  1. meaa42

    Quick Head to toe?

    Can you email me your assessment sheet? Please
  2. meaa42

    PRN or not

    Yikes. No way. You need a break
  3. meaa42

    Giving notice/start date

    Thanks. My job requires two weeks which is fine. I've already signed the offer letter, I'd just like to know when I would find out a start date? What are the next steps in this process?
  4. meaa42

    Giving notice/start date

    Hello all. At what point during the hiring process do you find out a start date and give notice to current employer? I signed the offer letter today for a hospital position. I'd like to give as much notice as possible to my current employer because my position will be hard to fill but can't give notice without a set date. Any advice? Thanks
  5. meaa42

    on-boarding process

    Yeah it just sucks. Especially because I’m miserable at my job and would love nothing more than to put in my notice. Can’t wait to finally start working at a hospital
  6. meaa42

    on-boarding process

    Hey guys. I was recently offered my first hospital job after 1.5 yrs of applying. I got an verbal offer over the phone on 9/27 (friday), then got an intent to offer email from recruiter on 9/30 (monday), then an official offer email on 10/3 (thursday). In the official offer email they said it would take 2-4 days for the offer letter and task list to be signed off and become active (log in to hospital application, offer letter would be in there) . I completed the background check they sent me in the email the same day. On 10/8 (tuesday) another recruiter emailed me to see how the onboarding process was going and if there were any holdups. TOld him the offer letter and task list was not active yet therefore I could not forward. He said he would look into it and expedite. I emailed him and the original recruiter on 10/10 (thursday) for an update. no answer. I really want to know what's going on and need to give my employer notice. My question is when/if should I call or email this week? Monday is a holiday so I'm sure they won't be in. This whole process has take over a month already since interview. I really want this job but don't want to annoy them and they rescind their offer or anything. please advise. Thanks
  7. meaa42

    New grad dilemma.....

    awesome! how's it going? what floor are you on?
  8. meaa42

    New grad dilemma.....

    What did you end up doing?
  9. meaa42

    What was your first job as a new graduate?

    ADN here. Private duty nursing for 1 yr. Just got offered a position on a med-surg floor at a hospital, finally. Most likely because I'm working on my BSN. So excited!
  10. meaa42

    Switching fields of nursing

    I would work at a hospital first for a year or two then home health.
  11. meaa42

    New grad needs help finding a job?

    Just put in applications everywhere, at every hospital, every department. I'm also an ADN and have been unable to get a hospital job. I've been doing Private duty nursing for a year. I hate it. I've been trying to get in a hospital for over a year. i already did the SNF thing as an LVN, never again. I'm enrolled in a BSN program, hoping that will help. Good luck.
  12. meaa42

    Starting ADN Program, Will I Get Hired?

  13. meaa42

    Starting ADN Program, Will I Get Hired?

    I’m an ADN and have not found a hospital job yet. Most require BSNs here in Houston. I resorted to home health. Make an effort to network with students, nurse managers, and nurses with do clinical with. That should help a lot. I wish I would have done that. Also, apply to the new grad programs as early as possible and start applying for jobs before you graduate. As for me, I feel like I’ve wasted my life away. I’m enrolling in a RN- BSN program soon. Hopefully I’ll find a job then... good luck!
  14. Hey everybody. I’m having trouble finding a hospital job. Here’s a little backstory I graduated as an LVNin may 2015 , started working ata SNF 7/16-8/17. Graduated with ADN 08/17. My house flooded a week after grad and then I had a baby. So I stared first RN job 09/18 doing PRivate duty nursing. I’ve been applying to hospitals and other place since 03/18 and haven’t received a call back. I’m going to revise my resume again as I got some pointers from a fellow nurse. Thinking about doing RN-BSN this fall. Do y’all think that would help me get in at a hospital? Would I be able to do a new grad residency? I’m almost regretting my career choice. SNF and Home health is not for me. Basically everywhere requires previous experience in that field. Also, I’m in Houston so it’s not lack of jobs available. Please help. So frustrated and depressed.

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