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  1. shanon0403

    Group work times

    I loathe group assignments. Idk why teachers insist on it. You are dependent on others, and it's difficult as working students to find time to get together. I had a partner who did nothing for one project and I was so tempted to talk to the teacher,...
  2. shanon0403

    How many hours do you work?

    I bring home about 1,200 every 2 weeks. I'm a new nurse (almost 2 years) so I'm sure there are plenty of LPNs making more.
  3. shanon0403

    A Positive Post

    That's wonderful. I hope the rest of your year is as wonderful. I'm glad you posted a positive I am supposed to be starting after my summer pre reqs and I was getting discouraged.
  4. shanon0403

    Discouraged. No longer hopeful

    Are you by chance talking about Polk State? Maybe it's the culture in the school you are in. Some of them are so obsessed with their NCLEX pass rates they ignore their graduation rate. They make it hard on purpose so that half the people drop out. I...
  5. shanon0403

    LPN to RN when I went straight to psych

    I became a nurse to be a psychiatric nurse. I love it. However, I am about to sign up for the bridge program and I'm terrified because I don't have a lot of medical nursing skills. I draw labs every morning so I am not worried about starting IVs eve...
  6. shanon0403

    Night shift schedule?

    I eat around 1600 or 1700. Then I bring a snack for around 2300, and then I eat a small meal at 0300. That being said the first 2 weeks I worked night shift I didn't really eat because I wasn't used to being hungry in the middle of the night. That wi...
  7. shanon0403

    Need help with crisis intervention training

    Ours was called satori. It taught a lot of verbal de escalation as well as physical interventions. I found that watching them all very closely and intervening as soon as you notice they seem agitated or they start to isolate. There are always early ...
  8. shanon0403

    Pros and cons of psych nursing?

    I love love love my job almost every day. Pros: Being there for people who are often disregarded Seeing progress Making a difference Free therapy when you go to groups lol Teaching someone skills they will use the rest of their life Getting really cl...
  9. shanon0403

    Psych Treatment Planning

    There are a ton of DBT workbooks. Our treatment plans included: Coping skills Self esteem and self care Setting boundaries Setting goals Communication and I messages Healthy relationships/sex/family etc Substance abuse Safety planning Cognitive dist...
  10. shanon0403

    Self harmers

    We used to do the butterfly project. Also, we taught them to draw instead of cut. A lot of facilities don't like the patients to write on themselves though. To me washable marker seems a lot less of an issue than cutting but I don't make the rules. ...
  11. shanon0403

    psych is so hard to break into...

    I work in Florida at a psychiatric facility. I went to nursing school specifically to be a psychiatric nurse. I started as a tech. The pay sucks, but all you need is a high school diploma. That's where I got my experience and DBT skills. It can b...
  12. shanon0403

    Teach your cat

    I found several tricks to help me: Study every day with frequent breaks. 15 to 20 minutes and then do something else for a little while. This allows your brain to process the information. The other is to know the information so well you can teach ...
  13. shanon0403

    new hire paperwork

    I was hired to begin travel nursing 3 weeks ago. I had to get a Kansas license though. The out of pocket expense when I don't have an income plus all the running around is ridiculous. When you take the ncclex they do the national background check. ...
  14. shanon0403

    Paperwork and Mental Health

    I spend so much time charting that I barely see the patients I have to look at their picture or speak with the mental health worker about their day. How can we be expected to give good care if we're stuck behind a desk all day? I started as a tech a...
  15. shanon0403

    Patient rights to refuse?

    We would also lock doors to get them to go to groups. It does violate their right to refuse, but for some people the only way they will attend a group I'd to be forced. You have to use your judgment. If you feel that strongly about it you should ta...