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  1. Do you have to be an adrenaline junkie to work in the ER?

    When we have ICU patients waiting in the ER for a bed, guess where the family members are...
  2. I hated that question during my orientation, during my requesting help from other people when I was off orientation, and anytime I would ask someone else a question on something I've never done. We all have different backgrounds. New grads are comi...
  3. Help Quit New Grad ICU Job

    This is what you say in interviews, you tell the interviewer that one of your strengths is being honest with yourself. Your patients' lives mattered more than your pride, you realized you were in a higher acuity situation than your new grad status s...
  4. Write Up's and Potential Termination for Pain Reassessments

    Same at my place, re-assessments are required or it's a write up.
  5. What do you do...

    That's a rare site for the ED or any place in the hospital. Usually we get sent home.
  6. Written Up

    I wouldn't have given both doses. We just had this exact situation with morphine for a pt. One of the other nurses asked me to cover her pt, there's an order for Morphine 2mg stat, and then for morphine 2mg Q4hrs (standing, not prn). Well the bri...
  7. Why working as an ED nurse so competitive?

    ^ people leave from my ED to ICU all the time. Some want that ER/ICU experience for their NP future.
  8. Associates if I don't get into a BSN program?

    it depends on how saturated your area is. When I was applying to nursing programs (both ADN and BSN) my area was flooded with applicants. I didn't get into most programs and the one ADN program I did get into had 90 spots for 1000+ applicants throu...
  9. New grad job offers....what do I choose?

    go with your first choice! As a new grad I wanted to work ER, couldn't get in anywhere, settled for med surg and I hated it. The floor I worked on had a high turnover, majority of the other new grad nurses leaving after 1 year. I became a statistic...
  10. Safe staffing vent

    yup, precisely why I hated floor nursing and went to the ED as soon as I could. Fix 'em and send 'em off.
  11. I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    It's a broken system. While some of the fault falls on the nurses, I know people who work in LTC and at nursing facilities who say admin at those places are content with allowing a nurse to oversee as much as 20 patients (!). There is simply no way...
  12. Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I doubt she'll actually end up in prison. She will lose her license, though. And to the person who thinks pharmacy has anything to do with this....*rolling my eyes*
  13. Nclex Exam 3rd time

    That's a good sign. Let us know.
  14. Resignition Timeline?

    Most places have policies in place that requires at least 3 weeks notice, so i'm not surprised there are institutions that require 4.
  15. I'm shocked

    Maybe he didn't understand why the ER doc is heading to a floor code blue so it might've confused him in that moment? At both hospitals I work at, the ER MD's do not respond to floor codes. There's a whole nother team that does that. So if it was ...
  16. What is happening with safe nursing..

    Congrats? Must be nice.
  17. Extreme nurse burn out need help please

    Sounds like my old med surg floor where I would get 7 to 8 patients because of staffing issues. I would hang in there until the new job. At least you're getting out, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  18. What is happening with safe nursing..

    Seriously? You think people have this kind of liberty?
  19. Working part time in nursing school

    I worked full time, night shift, during nursing school. It's doable. Extremely difficult, mentally challenging, physically exhausting, but doable. There were days when I would get off of work, change into my uniform, drive to clinical and do 8 hou...
  20. Discharge Lounge

    We have one, i hate it. I'd rather just DC them myself instead of making a phone call, giving a report, having the pt go to the designated place, have the discharge nurse call me because the pts ALWAYS have a question. Oh and our discharge lounge re...
  21. PTO

    Yeah I'm not understanding the dilemma here...I pretty much take PTO days every month.
  22. Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    ^ she was careless and also not familiar with Versed. Even if she did get Versed and not the Vecuronium, she should've known that the patient getting Versed needs to be monitored. That's how the pt deteriorated....because no one was monitoring her ...
  23. Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    That's just simply not a realistic expectation for the ED. If the ED is short a nurse the ED needs an ED nurse to handle the patient load, not a "runner" floor nurse who would "help" an ED nurse because regardless of what extra help that floor nurse...
  24. ED? or Med-Surg Experience?

    Some people are made for the ED and some aren't, if you feel you're up to the challenge, I say go for it. I was in your shoes, I never wanted to be MS but as a new grad I wasn't getting any open doors to the ED so I stayed for 1 year and then made t...
  25. Boomerang Coworkers

    Never been a boomeranger, once I leave, I don't come back. I've left only one hospital system and I thought long and hard before making my decision. The grass actually was greener on the other side, guess I got lucky.