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  1. heriith

    working in canada

    thank you silver for your assistance .the place I would like and live in in richmond. what are the requirements to do a bridging programme.
  2. heriith

    working in canada

    hi. im soon completing my bsc nursing from india .does any one know any firm which hire nurses with no experience in canada. or how to do a bridging course in canada. thank you.
  3. im soon completing my bsc nursing from india but im from uganda africa. I realy wanted to practice nursing from canada ,does anyone know how I can go about it. if it requires to do a bridging programme im ok with it. ill be very greatfull for your advise. thank you.
  4. heriith

    specialisation course

    Im soon completing bsc nursing from india and would like to take any specialisation course from australia. can anyone advise me about which specialisation course is best for a male nurse and how much it may cost me in australia. thank you.
  5. heriith

    New grad rn :( I wanna cry

    am an african nurse doing my bsc nursing from india.. right now im in final. .getting worried about my first job.
  6. heriith

    south africa nursing

    im soon graduating this year ,can anyone in south africa advise me if there are chances of getting a job because ill be having no experience.
  7. heriith

    Advice for soon-to-be nursing student?

    you are welcome, im now in final year of bscn ,let me tell u something about my experience... it was not easy in begining, soo much stress from teachers and from nursing staff as well since some people dont understand individual difference everyone will expect you to be smart..but dont be scared just keep going things will become better and better, it may be looking disgusting working with patients who look unpleasant but after sometime you will realise its the best thing whe you get to know that you are saving someones life. I started enjoying nursing when I was in 3rd year by that time I used to know what to do to a patient and I do it without anyones order.. it realy feels good when you see someone who was admitted cry starts laughing after days due to your contribution. nursing is a great career..you will never regret chosing nursing I wish you a good luck.
  8. heriith

    Offered my first job as a nurse... advice?

    you take the job, it feels great working with people who are suportive ,good luck.
  9. Thank you for the time spent writting that long article But in one way or another it has realy helped those who wsnt to become Better nurses, Feeling depended on gives peace in ones heart.. ive just learnt that It can better be felt in the remote area. Thanks again pyocianik for your knowlege.
  10. heriith

    jobs in south africa

    Thc pyosianik.
  11. heriith

    how can i become a nursing practicioner

  12. heriith

    how can i become a nursing practicioner

  13. heriith

    jobs in south africa

    Im soon graduating and i always wanted to work in south africa, im a male nurse been studying fro india but im from uganda, does anyone have some links about nursing recruitment in SA.
  14. Can anyone help me about the steps to become NP.
  15. heriith

    masters programme

    Whats is the best choice among all masters programme i can do after my bsc nursing.
  16. What might be the problem for one who has missed periods for 2 months but still the tests are showing negative for pregnancy.