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  1. Why are the floor nurses so unwilling to teach?

    This thread is depressing . I can sympathize with the original poster to a degree. At almost all of the clinical sites/departments that I've been to the nurses literally roll their eyes and scoff from the minute they see us walking down the hall........
  2. Textbook questions

    My entire class used the 13th edition of that book while I used the 12th with no problems at all. We were not required to used the online resources or ebook that was part of the bundle. The only issue you might have is the that the page numbers were ...
  3. I highly recommend using a tablet that way you can upload your powerpoints to the tablet (no printing necessary) and annotate directly on the powerpoint during lecture. You can takes notes on the powerpoint, highlight, and make voice memos for yourse...
  4. Calling all non-traditional nursing students!!!

    Hi - I'm a 34 yr old mom of 3 (ages 2,3,& 9) going into my 3rd semester for my ADN. I would love to start a group for those in similar situations to be able to support one another.
  5. NS and kiddos/how to get any studying done?

    My kids were 1,2, and 8 when I started the definitely a lot of action around my house. During the day when it was noisier, I would watch youtube videos related to what I was studying at the time and read through power points on my phone...
  6. I took micro over the summer in 10 was a challenging class because of the amount of material you are required to learn in a short amount of time. Every week sort of builds on the other so it's important to understand concepts. I got A's i...
  7. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    lol! of course it's not yours....that would have been too easy. I'm sure it'll all get worked out soon enough.
  8. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Ruh Roh I see only one class on monday from 6-10.
  9. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Huh...that's weird. When are you supposed to take the class?
  10. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    try this Course Schedule | Pasco-Hernando State College[min]=&field_start_time_24_value[max]=&field_sequence_value=&timeday=All&starttime=All It's most likely that your are selecting a "credit" course as opposed to a "noncredit" cours...
  11. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Last fall, tuition for funds was approx. $1700.00 Re: CPR class - are you guys having trouble finding it on the course schedule or actually registering for it?
  12. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Thank you for your kind words - no worries about the booklist...really, its quite alright. I'm at West campus and am going into maternal child this semester. It has gone by sooooo fast! My advice - keep up with your reading assignments, especially s...
  13. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    I thought my questions were pretty benign....I was just curious and trying to have a conversation. I like reading this thread and have read many of the other PHSC threads being that we all have something in common and have been in the same situation.
  14. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    I remember what it was like being on your end...not knowing what to expect etc. Luckily, last year we had someone in our thread who was already in the program that was always there to shed a little light. I'll politely bow out of your thread - I didn...
  15. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Good, at least you got the packets right away. Did they give you assigned dates/times to bring everything completed to the nursing office? That's what they did last fall - we had to show up on a designated date with all of our packet info complete in...
  16. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    I hope you get your acceptance letter, Corey. I'm curious - for those of you that did get their acceptance letters - did they email you your packet yet? It just seems so crazy that they are doing everything so late....there's a lot to get done in tha...
  17. How much do you print?!

    I barely printed anything.....I used my ipad to import all power points and then annotate directly on the ipad with a stylus during lecture. The annotated power points then synced to my iphone and mac so I can use any device to study.
  18. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Having a GED vs high school diploma should not play a factor on deciding whether or not you will get in. I have my GED only and am going into the 3rd semester of the program right now. They are supposed to use your pre-req GPA + TEAS+ pasco residency...
  19. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    You can find the handbook here on the left side on the page in PDF Nursing (RN) Generic Program―Associate in Science | Pasco-Hernando State College You only need 2 sets and you dont have to buy the pants from the college store - they look like MC H...
  20. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    You can review NCLEX pass rates by year or quarter here Florida Board of Nursing » Education and Training Programs - Licensing, Renewals & Information. Those who sat for the NCLEX in spring 2015 has a pass rate of 83%. If you look through the p...
  21. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    They are also dealing with 2nd year nursing packets that have to be turned in by the 10th.....yup, you get a whole list of crap you have to turn in all over again so make sure you put all of your records in a handy place. The wait is agonizing.....BU...
  22. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    You will still have the same clinical days (thurs&fri), but the time will change. Clinical groups are split into groups of 12 at different locations and is from 7am - 3pm.
  23. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Hi all , I received my letter last year during the last week of June. I know how hard it is to wait - hang in there and good luck to you all!
  24. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Just wanted to pop in and congratulate those of you who made it into the program!! I am currently a 1st semester RN student at WC and have been really enjoying the program so far. Did you guys get access to your packet yet? Lots and lots of things to...
  25. Help choosing the right diagnosis

    Hi there, I am trying to write my first care plan and pick the right diagnosis' for my patient. Just a little backround info - pt has ESRD - fluid overload, on hemodialysis, and has anemia.....hx of COPD , CHF, & skin Ca. When pt was admitted his...