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  1. struggling in orientation

    Hello, brand new OR nurse here. I have 4 yrs of floor experience and just started PeriOp 101 4 weeks ago. I thought I'd love it, now I'm not so sure. I am having a hard time adjusting. I miss using my floor skills and interacting with patients (somet...
  2. Switch from the floor to the OR?

    Thank you to all who replied to this thread, every comment was very helpful to me in making my decision. I am happy to say that I accepted the OR job :) I am very excited to make the transition. Thanks again!
  3. Switch from the floor to the OR?

    I interviewed for the periop orientation program at the hospital I currently work at. It went well and now I'm deciding what to do if I am offered the position. I have 4 years of RN experience in med/surg and tele. While I like my job on the floor, I...
  4. Reconsidering nursing

    I have been an anxious wreck for the last few days. The pressures of nursing are really getting to me. I made a mistake the other day which contributed to the patient being transferred to the ICU. I feel horrible, like it's all my fault. Now this pa...
  5. Calling in sick

    So I have never called in sick to any job before but today I feel like crap. I'm supposed to work tonight and feel like I should call in but I'd feel guilty because I know that we are short staffed already and census at the hospital is full. I'm sick...
  6. Anti-Intellectualism in Nursing

    Agreed completely. It is not fair to say that someone who is book smart has no common sense. I hear people say this frequently. I loved nursing school for the fact that we were encouraged to ask many questions, utilize theory and research, and not be...
  7. Dealing with calls from work

    I never answer when work calls. Over the last few weeks I've gotten calls almost every day. If I decide to be nice and work, I'll call back. You can't work so much that you burn yourself out.
  8. To leave or not to leave?

    Well, I didn't take the home health job but I was lucky enough to land a job on a telemetry unit back home :) I figure I'll stick with hospital nursing for a few years before deciding a specialty.
  9. maybe this time...

    Congrats! I got mine too :)
  10. maybe this time...

    I'm in the same boat, they just checked my references today and I'm waiting to hear. Soooooo nervous. Good luck!
  11. How to deal with angry doctors

    Report him for sure. No one should ever be spoken to like that.
  12. Let's talk: Nursing Shortage?

    Yeah the "nursing shortage" thing is BS. And it isn't easier for new grads with BSNs either, as I had to move 200+ miles away in a rural area to get hired in a hospital. I'm a few months short of my "one year of experience" and starting to resume my ...
  13. Twin cities hospitals

    Is it just me or is it extremely difficult to get hired in a hospital there? My first year as an RN BSN in med/surg/ICU is almost up and I want to go back home to the cities (I moved over 200 miles away for a job). Any advice?
  14. Shy nurses

    I'm a shy nurse too. I've been shy my entire life and it's something that will never change. But you learn to not be shy at work. It is difficult, but just remember to communicate what needs to be communicated, no matter how "stupid" you may sound (e...
  15. Rhythm strips

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to ICU and nursing in general. I have ACLS but just still feeling uncomfortable with cardiac rhythms. Just wondering if anyone knows of any good resources for studying cardiac strips. I've got the basics down, just want s...