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  1. 8babynurse8

    George Washington University FNP Fall 2016

    I also got accepted for GWU FNP Fall 2016 program. I live 20 minutes outside of DC. The cheapest bet is securing a place via AirBNB in the foggy bottom/georgetown area.
  2. 8babynurse8

    Graduate Applicant Help

    Consider taking some extra courses to boost your overall GPA. I recently got into a program with a 2.5 gpa in my BA degree, 3.5 ASN, and 3.7 BSN. I was worried about my overall gpa (this school does not focus on your last 60 credits) and it was suggested that taking extra courses to boost your gpa can help. Personally, I would suggest taking graduate courses so that the schools you apply to can see that you will be able to handle the workload. Also, I wrote an addendum explaining my gpa in my BA degree which the school suggested that I do. Best of luck to you!
  3. 8babynurse8

    PRN throughout FNP program

    I am also working once a week as a clinical instructor. At my hospital when you go prn, your pay remains the same. Because of this and the fact that the unit is always begging for nurses, most nurses who are prn don't have trouble picking up hours on the unit or throughout the hospital. It is risky but I'm trying to slowly remove myself away from bedside care.
  4. 8babynurse8

    PRN throughout FNP program

    I am looking for advice from anyone willing to give me their input. I have been a nurse for almost 3 years and have a background in telemetry and critical care. As of now I am working on a critical care unit during the night shift and also work as a clinical instructor once a week at the school I obtained by associate's degree from (I completed my BSN last december). However, about a month ago I was accepted to an FNP program which I will enroll in part time this fall. Last week the director of this program highly suggested that students accepted to the program attend full-time (and not work) or work part time and go to school part time. While I enjoy critical care it is very stressful and I am starting to feel burned out. I am considering going prn at my job this fall if that is a possibility and keeping this clinical instructor job because it is great pay, enjoyable, and not stressful like working on my unit is. Have any of you dropped to prn status while in the FNP program and do you feel that this was a good decision for you? Also, the dean and a few of the professors from the school where I am an instructor are willing to help me find preceptors for my clinicals and would like me to stay. On the other hand, I mentioned that I am a bit burned out with critical care- the night shift and pt load. Recently I applied for a position in urgent care and am being considered for it. This is great in a sense that I think this environment is more applicable to the FNP program but it is a 5 days a week position. Any advice would be appreciated? Basically, I am trying to figure out the best thing to do because fall will be here before I know it.
  5. 8babynurse8

    Online NP School suggestions

    I live here in Maryland...about 20 minutes outside of DC. I will be attending George Washington University in the Fall for FNP. You could look into their program. It is expensive but they will help you find preceptors (ultimately it is your responsibility though) and it is a good program.
  6. 8babynurse8

    The New Grad Job Search

    Very rarely do I comment on these posts but your situation is VERY similar to mine.I graduated in May 2013 from the dmv area and went on a few interviews but was unable to find a job. I researched how difficult it was to get a job in this area PRIOR to finishing nursing school and what these recruiters are looking for. VERY early in my job search I started applying out of state. I applied to hospitals in Virginia and North Carolina and had alot of success in the Richmond and Norfolk area. Anyways, I ended up getting a job at a hospital in the Bon Secours network ( in richmond)last november on a tele unit. In July of this year I began applying to hospitals in the dmv area because I didnt like richmond and I didnt like the hospital. Anyways, I got an offer for all the hospitals in the dmv that i had interviews with and will start my new job in Maryland in oct.I was also able to network with friends who work in these hospitals now which helped. Start applying to hospitals in richmond- vcu, bon secours, and hca virginia ( the big three). The pay will be less but you can get your experience and you have a better chance if getting an L & D job. Best of luck to you I feel your pain.
  7. 8babynurse8

    What should I have engraved on my stethoscope?

    Just put your name on it for now or your initials. I also just bought a stethoscope from medisave with the rainbow finish!!I had a cheap one all throughout nursing school and made the mistake of letting someone borrow it who made it such a hassle to get back ( never lend yours out by the way). I had mine engraved with my name and R.N initials. Hopefully this prevents anyone from walking away with my stethoscope again.
  8. 8babynurse8

    New Grad, New Location, New Dilemma

    I know a few people who have completed this program and they have all done it while working full time ( but they are experienced nurses)so I don't think it is too rigorous. However, I forgot about the courses I will be taking during orientation ( basic arrhythmia class and acls). I am working on a telemetry unit.
  9. 8babynurse8

    New Grad, New Location, New Dilemma

    I graduated in May and have recently been offered a position at a great hospital in a new state. I have my BA, in addition to my ADN, and am very interested in going back to school for my BSN. In July, I was accepted into an RN to BSN program which is designed for working nurses where I would be taking one 8 week course at a time. I recently decided to enroll in the program where I will be taking two 8 week courses for the Spring 2014 semester. My first course begins in mid January and by then I would be about 8 weeks into my 12 week orientation. Although I am beyond exhausted from school because I did not take a break between finishing my BA and starting my ADN, I really want to complete the BSN program as soon as possible. I have been told that RN-BSN programs aren't nearly as difficult as a traditional RN program. However, I have been advised from friends and family member's who are nurses that I may be taking on too much with adjusting to a new position and starting my RN-BSN at the same time. Honestly, my goal is to start this new position, gain experience and start my RN-BSN program. I figure that way in a year or two if I want to move on from this position I have way more options than I would with only my ADN. I really got first hand experience of how difficult it is to obtain a position with an ADN (in my area in particular) and never want to go through that again. Any advice?