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  1. Shareenamarie

    Goodwin College LPN bridge

    Has anyone completed the bridge program at Goodwin College? I'm entering Nursing 200 and I am super nervous about clinicals. Any stories or advice?
  2. Shareenamarie

    Goodwin Nursing program!?

    Hello, I have been accepted to bridge at Goodwin College from LPN to RN. Orientation is at the end of this month but I have a few questions I wonder if other students can answer. 1)How are the clinical rotations? Where are they located? 2)Is there a psych rotation? I've been told multiple things from people who went at different times 3)How are the instructors? 4) Has anyone completed the bridge at Goodwin? How was the transition? I finished my LPN program 4 years ago. Took some time off before starting my prereqs.
  3. Today I took my NC!EX PN. I felt so ready, I graduated first with a 3.95. I always scored very high on ATI, I used all of my NCLEX prep tools this entire year. When I sat down to start my NCLEX I noticed that I was getting quite a few SATA. By the time I got to like 62 I realized I had way more SATA than anything. I had a few exhibits and ordered response and if anything quite a few priority. After the 85th question my screen blanked out! It felt like a noose tightened around my neck. I burst into tears and left as quickly as possible. I thought that if you got a question right they got harder. I contacted an instructor I had and she told me about the PVT. I did it and was not able to reregister however some people say on here it does not work. Can someone explain the deal with the select all that apply question. If I had gotten them right would they have moved on?