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  1. emccarinbr

    can i drop bsn school and get aas for now

    Totally agree with this. I too am a nurse student and am about to graduate. I was talking to a nurse and she was saying that many hospitals are trying to hire more and more nurses with a BSN. This is also important when hospitals are striving for magnet status. Plus, finishing a BSN in good standing (if it is achievable) with a college with a more rigorous curriculum will give any new graduate the upper hand. A good BSN program does not have busy work. I have learned this the hard way. It teaches you how to balance a high stress environment, teaches you leadership and problem solving, and how to use your critical thinking skills.
  2. @futureRN89 I got a letter saying that the accelerated orientation was on Dec. 19th. I'm so ready to get my hands in! And we start Jan 6th. It seems to all be happening pretty quickly.
  3. emccarinbr

    Skechers GOWalk Undercover Shoes

    Thank you for the comment! Yes, they have good arch support. I have a high instep with a neutral gait pattern and these are so comfortable. They are like walking on air. The inserts are really lightweight. I'll have to check those out. I was trying to stay away from tennis shoes at first. I haven't started school yet, so I don't know if they are acceptable yet. I hope the GOWalks will be approved.
  4. @futureRN98 Hi, I was accepted into the ABSN for Spring of 2014. From a few other boards, it seems that a good amount of people are pulled off the alternate list for the program. There was a period of time where accepted students had to reply to the school on whether or not they will be attending the program. That was in early October. At that time would have been when they contacted students on the alternate list if some people decided they didn't/couldn't attend OLOL. I'm not sure what they do, though, if someone has to drop out of the program at the last minute. There still may be a chance that you could be contacted. Right now, people are applying for the LSBN. You have to pass a background check to continue on into the college. You might could call them to see what number you are on the alternate list and to see if there is a chance you might be accepted.
  5. emccarinbr

    Our Lady of the Lake Accelerated BSN Program?

    Hello, I know this board is old, but I am new to the site and I also have been accepted into the OLOL ABSN for Spring of 2014. I am currently on the hunt for a pair of shoes for clinicals. They are all either too expensive, or there is not enough reviews for me to consider buying anything. If anyone has heard any thing on a good pair of shoes, please let me know. Also, has anyone heard of when we will have orientation or scheduling of classes/clinicals?
  6. emccarinbr

    Skechers GOWalk Undercover Shoes

    Hello all, I am starting an Accelerated BSN program in January and have been searching for some shoes. I am really confused and overwhelmed by all the brands out there. I was told that many students get either Danskos or Nurse Mates. I have been considering the Nurse Mates Lianne because they have a lower heel and I do not like higher heels, but there are not many reviews to be found on this style. Also, I really like the Skechers GoWalk Undercover shoes. I was wondering if these are considered impermeable to bodily fluids. My school has a strict dress code. Our shoes have to be white leather (or similar), impermeable to bodily fluids, and have to have the heels and the top of the foot fully covered. I really would like to purchase the GoWalks, seeing as I have a pair and they are so comfortable and lightweight. If anyone has any other suggestions I am happy to consider. I'm also trying to stay under $50-$60. Thanks in advance!