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  1. looking to get into dialysis if possible. anything probation friendly really.. I'm in the 626/714/562 area.
  2. ericninetwo

    Ca board hearing for early termination - I'm in

    hank you all. especially you, tralnurse4support. nice to know that you're still lurking around on these forums. honestly i'm 50/50 on how the hearing went but i should hear back by mid december hopefully. i'll keep you guys updated.
  3. I know there was a few of you in Ca that were in the same boat or about to be as me in regards to getting a hearing date for early termination so I figured I would keep ya'll in the loop. I've been selected for the hearing that will take place in November to get off probation early. Here is a short timeline so you know what to expect. Aug 1st, 2019 was the time that I can apply to get off early so I sent in my paperwork to the BRN that day. I received a letter from the BRN about Aug 13th stating that they have received my paperwork and that I am now in a queue for a hearing date. 2 months go by and I have yet to hear back so I sent them an e-mail the first week of October asking if I could get a hearing in November (the CA BRN website has a list of all the hearing dates). To my surprise I received a reply stating that there was an opening for November and that I would be attending that. So here we are 3 years later... if all goes well I should be off by December so fingers crossed. I should have already been off by now but my time got extended for testing positive for alcohol.
  4. ericninetwo

    CA Probation early release

    did you just submit your packet for early term? and didnt have to go a hearing? i'm in CA as well waiting to hear back for my early termination. but i do have a violation so i'm most likely going to have a hearing.
  5. ericninetwo

    BRN hearing for early termination in CA

    congrats you'll get approved for early termination then. usual wait time is 6-8 weeks after submitting all your paperwork. that's what i've heard from people in my nurse support groups
  6. ericninetwo

    BRN hearing for early termination in CA

    did you have any violations while on probation? if you have 100% compliance or minor issues, you just submit your paperwork and the brn will get back to you. no hearing required. the hearing is only for people that have violations on their record and are requesting for early termination of probation.
  7. ericninetwo

    BRN hearing for early termination in CA

  8. ericninetwo

    BRN hearing for early termination in CA

    Not sure about other states but this is for nurses in CA. if you go to the ca brn website and type in "early termination of probation" it will pull a page with a list of things that are required... the standard duration is 3 years and apply after 2 years so i'm not sure how it works for people that only got two years initially.
  9. ericninetwo

    BRN hearing for early termination in CA

    Appreciate it! I honestly don't know if I can take any more of this... I'm miserable at my psych job and want to leave so bad but probation keeps holding me back.
  10. ericninetwo

    BRN hearing for early termination in CA

    My time for applying for early termination of probation in CA is coming soon. I do have to go to a hearing before the BRN because of a violation. Was wondering if anyone here has gone through one of these experiences or know what to expect and can share their story. TIA
  11. ericninetwo

    stress management classes - CA Probation

    well quite frankly I'm getting sick of playing their game and having to roll over to whatever they say. If I had a different mean of making money I would have left nursing a long time ago.
  12. ericninetwo

    stress management classes - CA Probation

    well the things that he are suggesting are all out of pocket expenses like attending a course at a college on stress management or something. and no I don't have access to an EAP
  13. ericninetwo

    stress management classes - CA Probation

    I'm in SoCal. I had my monitors switched twice... my original one said I can do something as something as going to the gym. But my newest monitor is strict and plays by the rules... he says I have to send him information about the course or whatever class I'm going to take and have him approve it. If I go to the gym I need someone to write on a letterhead that I was actually there taking some type of stress management course like zumba or something. I don't know man this whole thing this is a bunch of ***
  14. For those on probation in the state of California... Many of us are required to do 3 hours of stress management. Did anyone find like a free online CEU class on stress management? My monitor is being kind of picky on what he's going to approve and I don't plan on paying for classes... the irony of all of this is astounding. It's causing me stress thinking that I am going to have to pay for a class on stress management.
  15. ericninetwo

    TPAPN...awaiting contract...nervously

    That blows. I don't know you personally but I would bet that you probably could have a few tokes here and there (off the job of course) and still perform your duties as a RN. Of course, life doesn't work like that and it's reefer madness when it comes to nursing and MJ. I mean I'd rather take a stoned nurse than a drunk nurse, but you catch my drift... If your RN license means anything to you, then you'll go through the hell that most of us here on going through. Side question though, you said "MJ use without disclosure", meaning that if you had disclosed that you were smoking medical marijuana they would have let you slide? And what led to you being drug tested in the first place?

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