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  1. Post-Masters Certification vs Advance Practice Nursing

    Hi CSUSM10! I’m in the same exact boat as you are. I too graduate from CSUSM w/ my BSN and work for KP and trying to decide which route to go into and which school. Have you heard any differences in the curriculum with CTU and Capella?
  2. Kaiser Phone Interview

    When are you going to the group interview? Mine is tomorrow in Irvine, Ca.
  3. Kaiser Phone Interview

    I'm so sorry to hear that. How has the job hunt been? It's so tough out there right now esp. for new grads. Thanks for the well wishes! I hope that it works out w/ kaiser, and good luck on your job hunt!
  4. Kaiser Phone Interview

    Greetings all! I just a call today and Kaiser will be giving me a phone interview with a recruiter tomorrow for an LVN position in the OC. Can anyone share their input on what kind of questions I can expect? Thanks for your help!
  5. Highest paying LVN job??

    Is this the same as the VA Hospital? I'm definitely interested thank you for the info!!
  6. Application to LVN Board

    I did all my registering online, and I got my authorization to test 10 mins after I finished in my email. Maybe call and follow up, or maybe see if you can register online instead?? Good luck to you =)
  7. Nclex-Pn Results

    THe reason why I asked is coz, I took mine last week, and I want to make sure I got the good pop up too haha!
  8. Nclex-Pn Results

    what's the "good pop-up" say?