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  1. OncRN13

    Illinois Jobs

    Thanks. I applied to Fresenius last week. I was lucky to not have any charges filed against me. My probation also only stipulates that I do random testing and quarterly reports, so I thought I would have an easier time than this.
  2. What do you all know about starting a NP program after monitoring is completed? I'm currently on probation in Illinois and I'm finding myself to be unhirable. Nobody wants to even give an interview. Will this change after probation is done? Can NPs find work after having a discipline on their license? Will clinical sites accept a student with a reprimanded license? I want so badly to get my career back on track and I just want to know if getting my master's will be worth it or if I should pursue another career. Thanks in advance for your insight!
  3. OncRN13

    Shipping your Belongings

    I, too, am in this predicament of getting my car from St. Louis to northern California. To make it extra fun I need to bring my two cats. To those of you who have travelled a similar distance, what do you use for directions? A garmin? Navigation on your phone?
  4. OncRN13

    VA Travel Nurse Corp

    Hey Toni, what was your application process like? I sent in my packet last week.
  5. OncRN13

    VA travel nurse corps

    I'm looking for anyone who has experience working with the VA, especially in the travel nurse corps. Seems like it would be an awesome opportunity, but I've never known anyone to do it. I'm curious about international sites and if it's generally a good gig?
  6. OncRN13

    Marajuana Misdemeanor

    I feel like most of these replies are judgemental and lack constructive feedback. Admonishing someone who is struggling with their past and trying to work towards something better is neither compassionate nor helpful.
  7. OncRN13

    Fingerprinting for Cali RN license

    I requested my hardcard from the Cali BON over two weeks ago and I am still waiting (I know this is not uncommon) and growing anxious. I decided to go to my local police station to get my fingerprints done and the only card they had was something the FBI uses. I forget exactly what the form is called. Before I mail it in and submit my fees, I was wondering if anyone else has used this form?
  8. OncRN13

    NO tax home - will I end up in the hole financially?

    What's the difference between using your parents address and using that of an apartment you live in by yourself? Not trying to be snooty, but I'm about to begin my first assignment this summer and this is an important question for me.
  9. OncRN13

    So I'm a cat lady...

    Haha, thanks. I feel like that's how most people see me when I bring up cat problems.
  10. OncRN13

    So I'm a cat lady...

    Thanks for all the tips, everyone! Sounds like I could actually pull it off.
  11. OncRN13

    So I'm a cat lady...

    How do you handle the potty situation? Do you bring a litter box in your car? That's what concerns me the most.
  12. OncRN13

    So I'm a cat lady...

    I'm coming up on two years of experience in Med/Onc/Tele and recently started giving travel nursing serious thought. I've been doing a lot of reading, and most companies say traveling with a pet is no problem, but I wonder, is it really? Specifically, I have two cats. Driving across country seems like a totally different scenario with a dog rather than a cat. I'm wondering, have any of you tried to travel with a cat? Have any of you had problems with pet deposits?