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OncRN13 has 9 years experience as a BSN and specializes in psych, med-surg, oncology.

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  1. Hi all, I've been looking for advice in the Recovery threads, but it seems that once nurses finish school they stop posting there. I am a nurse recovering from substance abuse. I have had my license suspended for one year and then completed a 2 year probation. My reinstatement has cleared and I am now active and unrestricted! My dream has been to go to NP school, but I want to know what obstacles I may face having a public discipline. I also would like to know which specialty would be the best choice knowing this. I am pretty sure getting a license to prescribe controlled substances will be out of the question. Please share your experience if there are any of you out there like me! Thank you!
  2. OncRN13

    Becoming an NP after discipline

    Curious, what is your NP specialty?
  3. OncRN13

    Becoming an NP after discipline

    Thank you! Please let us know how you fare with licensing and credentialing. That's my main concern.
  4. OncRN13

    Becoming an NP after discipline

    What ended up happening for you? I'm at this same point right now.
  5. This is an old post, but I was wondering what ended up happening for you? I am an RN recently out of probation considering NP school.
  6. OncRN13

    Career after discipline

    This has been posted before, but I haven't seen anyone who successfully made it through. I want to hear from anyone who has gone on to becoming an NP after getting a public discipline. Can you get licensed to prescribe controlled substances? Can you get a job as an FNP with a history of addiction? How about PMHNP? My personal situation is that I have had my license restored with no restrictions in Illinois, however my discipline is public. I am not on the OIG list. Thanks in advance for your input!
  7. OncRN13

    Guys, I made it!

    Thank you! On probation I did great, no issues. But I did relapse while doing CCT, which is the alternative to discipline in Illinois. Now I have it on my record.
  8. OncRN13

    CCT agreement

    My tests were free on CCT.
  9. OncRN13

    Guys, I made it!

    I just want to share that I have officially completed my probation and my license has been reinstated! No more check ins and no more monthly withdrawals from my checking account! Woohoo!🥳
  10. OncRN13

    Would PMHNP role be welcoming to nurse in recovery?

    Thank you for your support, unfortunately my discipline is public and available to anyone that checks.
  11. OncRN13

    Would PMHNP role be welcoming to nurse in recovery?

    My understanding is that after my probation is complete and my license is reinstated that my license will be unencumbered.
  12. I understand this topic could be considered a topic in recovery, but the responses in that group have not been knowledgeable. My nursing license is currently on probation for narcotic diversion in IL and I am looking forward to my next steps after reinstatement. My dream is to get my masters and advance my career. I do have 2 years experience of inpatient psych and have thought about becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner. To any who have experience with this, are nurses with addiction histories considered viable candidates in the job market? Thanks to all who can offer some insight!
  13. OncRN13

    Pursuing NP after completing probation

    And what was the general consensus?
  14. OncRN13

    Jobs while suspended

    I passed by my 1.5 years as a caregiver using care.com.
  15. OncRN13

    Could nursing informatics be next career step?

    I am under monitoring. I am having a terrible time finding work and all the prospective employers I talk to automatically shut down when I tell them I am in recovery and why. I also get recommended to pursue insurance/ desk jobs. Whatever I do, I want to further my education and advance in my career. Since I like technology i thought maybe informatics would be a good fit.
  16. OncRN13

    Recovering nurse considering next career step

    Thank you for the recommendation. I've applied to all the dialysis companies near me and no call back.