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  1. Did you apply for this year or are you just looking into the program?
  2. Lower Columbia LPN-RN 2020-2021

  3. Lower Columbia LPN-RN 2020-2021

    Thank you - I'll check it out ?
  4. Lower Columbia LPN-RN 2020-2021

    I would join. Let me know if you set one up ?
  5. Lower Columbia LPN-RN 2020-2021

    Hi - I just sent in my application last week. I had seen some good info on last years thread for the LP-RN program when I started looking into this program. From what I can tell, its basically just like studying for the LPN NCLEX. I think this is ...
  6. Hi Vivika - I saw your post on ISU.  I also live in Vancouver WA and was also looking into the LPN to BSN and was wondering how it was going.  Would you recommend this program or have any advise?



    1. Vivika


      So, I finished my first semester, and I would say I recommend it, but with some caveats; make sure you are self-motivated, willing to learn, and aggressive with finding people to help you. The advisers and the councilors really are not quick with responses, so you have to rely on yourself to get things done.

      I don't know how this program would work for non-working LPNs already. It would be very difficult to find a preceptor if you are not already within the medical community, as you have to find them on your own; do not expect them to find them for you. 

      The material is really good so far, but again, make sure you are invested in it. The material should be nothing new, but it is more in-depth. 

       I work with a girl who is just finishing up her last course with ISU, and her entire process took a little under 2 years. She has multiple job offers pending her passing NCLEX. ISU seems to have a great reputation on the West Coast. 

  7. Lower Columbia College- LPN2RN elearning

    NurseBritt1 - Last spring was the 2nd time I applied to the RN program so I've only taken the TEAS but have heard the Kaplan is similar. When I didn't get into the RN program I decided to get my LPN instead and am in a program right now. I get done...
  8. Lower Columbia College- LPN2RN elearning

    Hi NurseBritt1 - I took the TEAS at LCC when I applied to their RN program last spring for a fall start. After you apply and you are in their system you will get an email (mine came June 1st) with a link to sign up for your test. There are a bunch ...
  9. Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    I didn't get in either. I was contemplating applying for winter/spring but am afraid I'll just end up in the same boat and even further behind. I've been looking into Sumner and think I'm just going to end up going that route. It's more expensive ...
  10. Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    I'm in Vancouver... I wonder if I will have an answer today? I don't get off until 8 :-( The stress of waiting to check the mail is killing me?
  11. Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    Congratulations - That's so awesome!! Was winter 2019 your first choice?
  12. CNA Program/Training Duration?

    I went there a couple years ago and Maryann's was great. I've never had a CNA job though, I just did is as the requirement for my nursing pre-req's. I don't think it really matters where you get your CNA cert. at as long as you have it. The place th...
  13. Lower Columbia LPN-RN Fall 2018

    TrueAngelNurse;9907369]Hello all, I am trying to get into LCC campus based nursing program. I got an 80.7 on my teas, which I am hoping is going to be enough. Does anyone know if the total applicants is 20 for all program types or 20 for each program...
  14. Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    I only applied to LCC. I live in Vancouver and while Clark is closer, unless you have almost A's you're not getting in. Winter/Spring scores give me a little hope. I guess for now I'll just cross my fingers and hope make it. Shoot, I'd even settl...
  15. Lower Columbia College Fall 2018

    Those are both great numbers! I was really hoping to get low to mid 80's on my TEAS but it just didn't happen. Did you have healthcare experience? I don't and I think by not having them is really going to reduce my chances of getting in this time....