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  1. Sassy-RN

    Justifying the cost of an Ivy League Nursing Education

    Everyone takes the same boards!!
  2. Sassy-RN

    Breastmilk Exposure in Eye

    Sorry this happened to you.... But even if the mom was HIV positive the chances of it being transmitted to you is very very low.
  3. Worked 12 hour shifts...Wore Saconys, switched to ASICS= cured!
  4. Sassy-RN

    OR Huddles

    Lol- huddles will be the least of your worries when you start in the OR!
  5. Sassy-RN

    First Code Blue

    I think it sounds like a great ending. Most don’t end up that way... Codes will always be a rush of adrenaline and then emotions afterwards. Sounds like you did everything right! You sound like a good nurse to me.
  6. Sassy-RN

    New RN in charge of a 155 bed SNF. What?!?!

    Glad you put in your notice! Administration doesn’t care about you or your license. Which is obvious on the situation you were just put in. The most unfortunate part is those poor patients that aren’t getting the care they need! I was in a similar somewhere situation years ago. It was awful! I still have nightmares...
  7. Sassy-RN

    Terminated for HIPAA Violation - What Will Happen Now?

    Don’t do it- EVER! An overhead page for CPR is no guarantee they an admission is coming to you. Not an excuse.
  8. Sassy-RN

    Interview with multiple managers

    They do this where I work. It will seem overwhelming but it’s actually a good thing. While you may not be a good fit for one unit, while another manager would like to snatch you up! Be confident and good luck!
  9. Sassy-RN

    Can I get Fired?

    That was a dumb thing to do...and clearly someone else thought so and turned you in. Waste of hospital supplies. I know someone who got fired for using a hospital glucose meter on themselves. Good Luck.
  10. Sassy-RN

    My First Nursing Job!

    Congrats! Best of luck to you. It will seem overwhelming at first. Find some good mentors and will do great!
  11. Sassy-RN

    Generation Z

    Yes! Right now hospitals are hiring new grads right out of school for positions in the ED, ICU etc... (which is scary as S#!+ to me). Back in my day people had to work their way up to get in those positions....With EXPERIENCE People that age and younger have not seen true hard times (economic hardship) where jobs were scarce.... and people had to bust their butts to prove themselves to deserve the positions they earned. Many young nurses I’ve seen are amazing and truly hard workers! But there’s a big portion that are entitled, spoiled, and do not know what hard work really is.
  12. Sassy-RN

    Robot tells man he'll be dead in hours

    We use telehealth monitors at our hospital during stoke codes to get directly connected to a neurologist. My guess is this doctor was a specialist that was consulted due to this man’s condition. He could have died before they found out what his prognosis was waiting for a specialist face-to-face. I see nothing wrong with this!
  13. Sassy-RN

    Uncomfortable with practices at new job

    Yikes... Patient safety is definite # 1. As the RN circulator its YOUR room. You are the patient advocate. It is up to you to make sure the consents are accurate and complete, timeouts are done properly, be the validator of the counts, and to speak up if there is any contamination or break of sterile technique. Make sure these things happen I can’t believe anyone would go against Them!
  14. Sassy-RN

    Nursing as a career

    You sound like you are on the right path to me! Keep up the hard work! Make some connections with the healthcare professionals you are working with so you can get some good references.
  15. Sassy-RN

    Honesty on resume, now no job.

    Most New Grads dont get their dream job right out of the gate. Take what you can and get some experience...
  16. Sassy-RN

    Jason Hiney RN

    Trust no one- period.