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  1. Sassy-RN

    Orthopaedic Certification

    Sorry for the late reply it… No, that is all I use was the book and some modules! For the modules I believe I did areas where I didn’t feel strong in, such as sports injuries, orthopedic oncology, pediatrics and I can’t remember the other one...
  2. Sassy-RN

    Justifying the cost of an Ivy League Nursing Education

    Everyone takes the same boards!!
  3. Sassy-RN

    Breastmilk Exposure in Eye

    Sorry this happened to you.... But even if the mom was HIV positive the chances of it being transmitted to you is very very low.
  4. Worked 12 hour shifts...Wore Saconys, switched to ASICS= cured!
  5. Sassy-RN

    OR Huddles

    Lol- huddles will be the least of your worries when you start in the OR!
  6. Sassy-RN

    First Code Blue

    I think it sounds like a great ending. Most don’t end up that way... Codes will always be a rush of adrenaline and then emotions afterwards. Sounds like you did everything right! You sound like a good nurse to me.
  7. Sassy-RN

    Nursing as a career

    You sound like you are on the right path to me! Keep up the hard work! Make some connections with the healthcare professionals you are working with so you can get some good references.
  8. Sassy-RN

    Honesty on resume, now no job.

    Most New Grads dont get their dream job right out of the gate. Take what you can and get some experience...
  9. Sassy-RN

    Jason Hiney RN

    Trust no one- period.
  10. Sassy-RN

    Where to start?

    You said “I had some pills in my locker,” not “someone put pills in my locker.” Sounds fishy..... good luck, you’re going to need it.
  11. Sassy-RN

    How do surgeons treat nurses in your country?

    Most are nice. A few are dicks. Very little interaction outside of OR.
  12. Sassy-RN

    Orthopaedic Certification

    I took the test and got certified 2 years ago. I borrowed the study guide from a friend who took the prep course. But more importantly I spent about $150 on modules offered on the ONC website. Many of the question were IDENTICAL and specific to the test.
  13. Sassy-RN


    Out of curiosity, how much have you all received for new OR nurse orientation?
  14. Sassy-RN

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    When I worked in a PEDS clinic, a mom once told me she didn’t want her son to have MMR vaccine, because “it causes Down Syndrome.” Hopefully that child gets through life okay with a mother that dumb!
  15. Sassy-RN

    NCLEX in 5 days!!!!

    You will pass!
  16. Sassy-RN

    I PASSED - and First Post woo hoo


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