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  1. Sassy-RN

    Where to start?

    You said “I had some pills in my locker,” not “someone put pills in my locker.” Sounds fishy..... good luck, you’re going to need it.
  2. Out of curiosity, how much have you all received for new OR nurse orientation?
  3. Sassy-RN

    I’m being investigated by the BON!

    Not good. That’s nursing 101. You will need more than a lawyer and good luck.
  4. Sassy-RN

    Diverted Drugs for Dad

    “I was caught diverting narcs which I was taking to my sick dad at home. I didn't say that though but I said I took them for my self” Reeaalllyy ....???? Only a nurse on narcotics will believe that one Makes it sound worse that you claim were in a not the one using - so you were diverting narcotics for someone else!?
  5. Sassy-RN

    Threatened by employer

    Get out NOW !
  6. Sassy-RN

    Red flag?

    Yikes.... I don’t like the sound of it. Especially if your gut feeling was that negative from the very beginning.
  7. Getting your sister to school is not an emergency. You were wrong. Nursing instructors are tough for a reason. They are teaching responsibility and accountability. Don’t let it happen again.
  8. Sassy-RN

    Why red seal broken with coude cath?

    Do you mean to where it attaches to the tubing? Foley Cath kits with the drainage system have the red seal. Coudes are separate, so when needed, the seal is broken and the tubing/drainage system is attached to the coude.
  9. Sassy-RN

    I Don't Know What to DO

    You got this! Do what you have to do get this done! Best of luck to you! 15 years ago when I was in nursing school (with 3 babies at home) I bartended until 2am and was at clinicals at 6am. My gas and milk money depended on tips. It was tuff- but worth it!
  10. Sassy-RN

    'My Patient died' Facebook post

    Whether it’s HIPAA or not, posting that is not appropriate for social media. All that does is give a shout out from you looking for attention. If it’s something you need to talk about, then discuss it privately with coworkers or request a debriefing at work .
  11. Sassy-RN

    How do you decompress?

    Walks in the woods, gardening, soduko, puzzles and Vodka.
  12. Thanks for sharing your story- Addiction and/or mental illness are not prejudice to any race, class, age etc....