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  1. 2018 Nurse Salary

    Location: North Central Texas Experience: 2.8 years; BSN, CCRN, CNRN Specialty: ICU, interventional radiology Facility: Urban teaching hospital Base Pay: $33 Differentials: Evening, night & weekend = $3, $4 and $5.50/hr, respectively. OT:...
  2. Passed CNRN today

    I told myself if I passed the CNRN exam I would create a post that detailed what I reviewed in preparation since it was so hard for me to find any recent info on the topic while I was trying to prepare. I used several resources and threw a lot of mon...
  3. CNRN - Just Passed!

    Congrats on attaining your CNRN! Can you please share what you studied to prepare? Or what the most valuable resource you used was? I completed the AANN review course, but with only the one practice test it's hard to know if I'm prepared or not. Tha...
  4. UTMB Accelerated Program 2014

    Hello! I will be attending UTMB for the accelerated program this summer. There is also a Facebook page for group if you want to check that out. I live in the Dallas area now so I'll be moving in the next couple months to Galveston.
  5. On Becoming a Nurse

    So wonderfully written. Thank you.
  6. UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014

    Congrats muinatay! I know the excitement...See you in May!
  7. Advice?

    I'm sure if you read through some of the other threads about UTMB you'll see this repeated a lot, but they really do consider more than just your GPA or TEAS score I think. I was accepted in the 2nd degree program, so not sure if that matters, but my...
  8. Hi TX2015. I'm pretty sure any 4-year public university will require you take the Texas history and government, I believe it's a core requirement regardless. I think you can only get around it if you pursued an ADN instead or went to a private univer...
  9. UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014

    I will be accepting. I look forward to meeting everyone in a couple months!
  10. It's great that you're considering what order to take the pre-reqs in. I wish I had done some more research before I started mine. As the previous commenter said, it depends on the school. Not sure if you're planning on a BSN or ADN, but in my experi...
  11. UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014

    Just got my acceptance email! I've been stalking this thread while waiting to hear back, to see if anyone else had heard anything more so I thought I should post that I heard. I am so happy it only took a couple weeks since even that was difficult to...
  12. UTMB Personal Statement

    I applied to the Bacc2 program, so it may be different, but I think the section on NursingCAS where you copy and paste the statement limits it to 700 words. I also noticed an option to attach a document, so maybe that's how you can write more? The i...
  13. UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014

    Congratulations on the acceptances! I just had my interview yesterday, and as previous commenters said, it was very relaxed. I hope I hear back as quickly as you all did.
  14. UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014

    Thanks for the update and info about your interview. Sounds like it went really well. It's nice to hear about what's happening with other applicants as we all wait anxiously!
  15. UTMB Accelerated Program Summer 2014

    Thanks for all the great information. Waiting optimistically over here as well! Good luck!