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  1. Listing schooling in progress on Resume

    Thank you HouTx
  2. Hi everyone, I am in the process of updating my resume and was wondering if I need to list that I am currently enrolled in an MSN program. Also should I list that on my cover letter as well to show that I am continuing to develop in my career? Thank ...
  3. Time saving tips for HH nurse

    Hi Atownshend, I am very impressed that you wrote a macro code to speed up the charting process. I will be beginning home health at the end of this month and wanted to find good time saving techniques which led me to this post. We will be using Kinns...
  4. Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some of your help with editing my resume and cover letter. Thank you in advance for your feedback. I am looking into Case manager and public health positions and later am planning on going back to school in a y...
  5. New Grad dilemma

    Thank you for your responses roser13, RunBabyRN and TheCommuter. I appreciate your advice. Sadly, the trip to Bangladesh is not one that I can postpone since my husband's only living grandma is critically ill and his family only visits once every 5 y...
  6. New Grad dilemma

    Hi everyone, I just finished my RN-BSN program just this week and am actively looking for a job. My dilemma is that I have to leave the country to visit Bangladesh for 3 weeks from mid November through the beginning of December and I don't know if ...