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Hi everyone,

I just finished my RN-BSN program just this week and am actively looking for a job. My dilemma is that I have to leave the country to visit Bangladesh for 3 weeks from mid November through the beginning of December and I don't know if I should apply into positions that are full time or part time. I am not sure what future employers might think of my travel plans and if they will be accommodating.

For this reason, at this time I am only applying into Staffing agencies for Flu clinic hours and paid experience.

I would like your advice on what would be the best course of action in my situation. Thanks for reading and commenting in advance!

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I think that whether full or part-time, a new employer will likely not look favorably on a 3 week absence in the first months of employment. Keep in mind that the job market is tough out there. Depending upon where you live and where you're applying, there may be one or a dozen applicants for any nursing position. An applicant who comes with a built-in 3 week absence will be at an automatic disadvantage.

So I say stick to flu shot clinics and any type of short term opportunities you can find as a new grad.

Is your trip to Bangladesh a "must"? If so, I think you must delay your job search until your return.


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I agree with roser13- stick with the super flexible stuff until you get back. There's very little chance you'd be able to get that time off if you need to go once you start a more "regular" position.

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I am not sure what future employers might think of my travel plans and if they will be accommodating.

You are in California, according to your tags. I can already tell you that employers will definitely not be accommodating of your absence simply because they do not have to accommodate anyone. Be cognizant that you are in a state with a 43 percent unemployment rate for new grad RNs, so each desirable employer probably has thousands of applications from candidates with the same qualifications as you.


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Thank you for your responses roser13, RunBabyRN and TheCommuter. I appreciate your advice. Sadly, the trip to Bangladesh is not one that I can postpone since my husband's only living grandma is critically ill and his family only visits once every 5 years or so. TheCommuter, I agree that in California, it is VERY competitive and that's the reason, I am worried about finding a job over here. Employers do have a lot of candidates to pick from. I am lucky to have familial support while I look for a job at this time, so I can't really complain at this time. I'll just stick with flu clinics and temporary/short term jobs till I return. There's enough to help me work on my experiences. :)

Thanks again guys!