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  1. Nursejesssica

    Inpatient or outpatient PMHNP?

    Thanks for your input, umbdude and Gentleman_nurse! I decided to pursue an outpatient position in a community health setting.
  2. Nursejesssica

    Inpatient or outpatient PMHNP?

    I recently interviewed for two positions, one at an outpatient clinic and another on an inpatient psychiatric unit. I liked both positions and the organization but am still debating which would be a better fit. Are there any PMHNPs out there currently working on an inpatient setting? What challenges did you face with this environment? Are you glad you took an inpatient job? This would be my first job as a PMHNP, although I have many years of psych inpatient experience working as an RN. I like inpatient but am also wanting a setting where I can spend more time getting to know my patients that is less chaotic. Thus the new provider dilemma: Is it better to take a higher risk job in a more stressful setting where you will learn more and experience more (inpatient) OR is it better to take a more comfortable position with better work/life balance that is potentially less exciting and more redundant (outpatient)?