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  1. kurtzmobile

    FNP in Interventional Radiology

    Hi Jeremy, First of all Thank you for the reply. I am hospital based and also seeing clinic patients. We are currently in the process of having an IR clinic being set up (unfortunately not completed yet). I spent 100 clinical hours with the IR Doctor prior to being hired. We do procedures as well as follow ups and patient management. The MD I work with does anything from as minor as PICC lines to SIR-Sphere treatment, chemoembolization, vertebroplasty, etc. Have been doing this since June and just was looking for advice and tips from others in the related field. Thanks, Jen
  2. kurtzmobile

    FNP clinical questions?

    Hello, Things that helped me as resources were: Maxwells clinical guide that you can get at Barnes and Noble, alsotry this link for various pocket guides... wwwccspublishing.com/ccs. I also used Lange Case Files books to help study and learn current recommendations for various common conditions. Hope that helps, Jen
  3. kurtzmobile

    FNP in Interventional Radiology

    Hello everyone, Would like to connect with NP's working in Interventional Radiology; looking for advice, clinical pearls, resources, etc. that have helped you in this specialty. New FNP and first year of practice in this specialty. Appreciate all suggestions and assistance in advance. Thank You, Jen