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  1. roxburin

    At home medical transcription

    The best I've seen so far is Sten-Tel. You can submit your resume to: human.resources@sten-tel.com, or their number is 1.888.STEN.TEL. On their website (http://www.sten-tel.com) there is also a useful paragraph: "If you do not have experience in the medical transcription industry, it is strongly recommended that you complete a quality medical transcription program. Click here [ http://www.careerstep.com/clientspromos/sten-tel/ ] for more information on medical transcription training." Hope that helps!
  2. Golfers thumb: A man hurt his finger/nail on Monday and came in on Friday to have it taken care of so he could heal and fly out for golf the following week. It didn't look that bad at all and he kept pressing it asking "what do you think?". (I think you should stop playing with it!) I just told him that he came to the ER for a reason and that for his own piece of mind he might as well wait. He told me he was going home to watch the Red Sox game and would be back when it was over. Oh well..
  3. roxburin

    Dealing with death

    My biggest concern so far is dealing wth death too well. From the first time I saw someone dead I was fine with it. Kinda interested. Not scared but numb to it. Of course they were strangers to me, but being numb and ok with people dying is what concerns me the most. I guess I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum as far as this topic is concerned eh?
  4. roxburin

    Need Common Phrases in Spanish

    Ha ha ha! Don't think I can use most of those labor ones in the ER. I'm pretty sure "ex-a-meeen baaa-hi-nal" is not going to work.
  5. roxburin

    Need Common Phrases in Spanish

    Thanks guys for the help! I really appreciate it. You never know when you might get blindsided! Now if I could only get russian (get quite a few actually), portuguese, or even german! Ha ha just kidding...spanish will do just fine for me. Although funny how I never meet any french speaking people.
  6. roxburin

    Need Common Phrases in Spanish

    Hello, I volunteer in the ER while going to school. I like it, but I don't speak Spanish and I've been lucky so far that there have been some bilingual people nearby when spanish-only speaking visitors come to the hospital. I would like to know if I could get a translation to the following questions (phonetically also if you could): 1. What is the patient's name? 2. What is your name? 3. How are you related to the patient (and could I get some common answers too like father, mother, brother, friend, cousin, uncle, you know)? Thank you in advance.
  7. roxburin

    Unsafe assignments in the ED

    Our ER (Level I Trauma) seems like a mad house. I'm sure there is some logic to it, but we have over 20 beds/rooms, trauma area(s), people outside those rooms in beds, people in the hallways in the ER.... etc ... ...nurses.... doctors... patient advocates... everywhere! Never seems to be enough. Same old story that I hear is happening in alot of other ERs around the country.. eh?
  8. roxburin

    job in OR

    A hospital here says they have positions for sterilizers and OR Assistants. I want to become an OR nurse someday and am now taking prereqs to that end. Should I drop a job that pays 45K a year in order to take one that pays 30k? If so which job do you think I should go for? I was thinking sterilizer, but I do not know.
  9. roxburin

    Vegetarian being asked to dissect a cat !

    I suppose my problem would be that if my dissecting the cat made the city pound's job easier because someone was going to use the dead cat or if the school actually paid for the cat therefore creating a market for slaughter then I would feel responsible. I would think I would want to make it more difficult for someone to kill a cat not less. Shrug. Still trying to process everything. The China post was interresting - imagine if there was a market for killing people like there is for cats. Right now I'm hoping I can have a hands off experience. I'm not opposed to doing the work mind you. I guess I could watch a dissection(s) taking place in front of me even though I don't approve. In that case, it is someone else's decision to use the dead cat. A technicality for sure. I'm not someone to preach my ethics to other people. I could keep my mouth shut in that case. See ya!
  10. roxburin

    Vegetarian being asked to dissect a cat !

    Thanks for the enthusiasm - this just seems like it should be another topic that you should post yourself eh? A new thread of your own that you can get all kinds of responses back from you know? Take care. I'll find out more about my own situation Monday I think.
  11. roxburin

    Vegetarian being asked to dissect a cat !

    Guys, this is a serious issue for me. I know it is easy to get emotional about all this. Been there done that, but I'm going to sound greedy here. Please don't clutter up my thread by fighting or other issues. It just sounds like we are getting away from the point here. Or am I wrong about that? Thank you. Oh and I do appreciate the feedback too so don't get me wrong. Take care guys.
  12. roxburin

    Vegetarian being asked to dissect a cat !

    Well, first of all I'm a guy (surprising that a guy might like animals but..). Thanks to all posters though heh heh. I will let you all know how this turns out. It's not a matter of cats VS humans. It's that we are civilized and don't need to result to such barbaric and cruel measures. I believe a creature's right to exist is not based on their intelligence. Hey, let's face it - we've all met morons before. That doesn't mean we can dissect half the population even though it may be a nice idea sometimes! I'm not sure what to expect. It's a community college so I don't know if that will work for me or against me. I told the Dean that I could watch a dissection, but didn't want a cat killed in my name. One day I just woke up and was a vegetarian (practically vegan). I didn't decide to do it. I just was. That might be hard for the administration or other users to understand. I'll let everyone know how it turns out. *fingers crossed*
  13. roxburin

    Vegetarian being asked to dissect a cat !

    I'm trying to get my head around wether or not it makes a difference if they were donated or bought. I'm anti-euthanasia too. I know that it happens and does it make it better that the cats are donated (I hope and not bought)afterwards? Wow this is tough. Those cats can't speak for themselves... I'm not religous. The only thing I've ever believed in was another creature's right to co-exist. For those innocent animals to make their own destinies and be treated well. Wow, I'm pretty torn up about this. Thanks for all the responses so far. I appreciate it.
  14. Oh geesh, classes have just started and ALREADY I have a problem. You see I'm a vegetarian and my lab for Anatomy and Physiology has a part to it that is dissecting a cat. Problem is I have a respect for life and am a strict vegetarian (no leather, meat of any kind, etc.) This is part of the reason why I want to become a nurse - to help the world not hurt it. If I dissect a cat then I will be directly responsible for that cat having been killed. What should I do? The lab (as a whole) looks like it is one third of the final grade. I've already emailed the dean of students, and I'm waiting to hear back from him. I can't imagine that I'm the only one to ever have had this problem. Nursing schools weigh GPA very heavily. I want to kick ass.. any suggestions? I can look in on others doing a dissection (as that is their own choice), but if I do it myself then I become responsible. Sigh. Thank you in advance..
  15. roxburin

    ER violence

    Is there a heirarchy in the ER that tells you when to hold someone or tazer someone or break up some people? I am volunteering soon and was wondering if the doctors have the call on that or the nurses or if there no one to tell you what force to use? Do you stand back until someone gives you the OK ? Mostly just curious on that.
  16. roxburin

    Ok, no backing away now

    I signed up for my first prereqs today! I have a BS already so hopefully this doesn't take too long! Well, it's all over for me now! Man, this is crazy! I can't believe I'm going to do this. Ha ha.