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  1. I was just looking through my Program Evaluation Sheet (the page that displays the classes needed) again and had a question about the Module III section. I understand that transfer students need to take Theological Explorations UCOR 2100, Phil of the Human Person UCOR 2500, Health Care EthicsUCOR 2920, and Humanities and Global Challenges UCOR 3400.I will be receiving my Associates in Arts and Sciences - Direct Transfer Agreement (AAS-DTA) at the end of Spring Quarter 2014 after finishing my last two classes, English 201 and Geography 100 (Social Science Course). Under Module III section it tells me to complete... -Religion in a Global Context UCOR 3100 -Humanities and Global Challenges UCOR 3400 -Social Science/Physical-Life Science and Global Challenges (UCOR 3600 OR UCOR 3800) So I know I will be taking UCOR 3400 during the program and Social Science/Physical-Life (UCOR 3600 OR UCOR 3800) should be satisfied by my Geography 100 course, but my question is about the UCOR 3100, when do I take this? Before I start the program or during the program? Thanks
  2. Let that dream be false! Be optimistic and TRY to forget about nursing school until you receive that acceptance letter :].
  3. cw.sea

    Seattle Pacific University Interview for admission

    Hey hopefuldream you should try calling the SPU school of health sciences because I just received an invitation to the interview today. There were a few technical difficulties that occurred when the nursing faculty reviewed my application which delayed their response. But yes, the staff and faculty have been extremely kind and helpful, good luck I hope you hear back soon!! mcewen.trio, thank you so much for providing details of the interview and the writing prompt. At least now we know a little more on what to expect for the writing prompt. Do you think it's to measure our English proficiency or to know more about us as an applicant? Again, thank you :)!!
  4. The wait is killing me as well, it's going to be so hard opening that SU letter whether I get accepted or rejected...And yes SU's Math 118 is College Algebra. Thank you so much csweet for giving us hope from your previous post about SU! I'm really hoping to get into SU and only heard amazing things about their nursing program and campus!! I also applied to SPU and I believe they only accepted 5 transfer students, BUT I also heard they changed it up this year and are adding more slots for transfer students, but do not take my work on it, I don't know how true it is. Also anyone else apply to SPU and hear back about the interview on Feb. 22? I haven't received anything about it and starting to doubt my chances at SPU... Good luck to everyone, hang in there!
  5. cw.sea

    Seattle Pacific University Interview for admission

    Hello, I applied SPU's nursing program for Fall 2014 as well and I believe this is their first time doing the interview (there's a writing section ???). I remember checking last year's application and they did not require an interview, so I think this whole interview thing is new to everybody. Also I was told that SPU will email/mail you a letter sometime this or last week stating whether you are considered or not considered for the interview, is this correct? When did you receive yours? Because I have not received anything and I tried calling them and it seems like there's been a few technical issues with my application...hopefully everything will work out well. Good luck with the interview, hope to see you there!