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  1. Getting Report

    Not sure I am understanding that.
  2. Getting Report

    Hello everyone! I just started on the Medical floor and it is my very first job as a nurse! I am looking for a good form to write all my info that I get for my patient's during report. I don't really like the one my hospital uses. Thanks!!
  3. So many SATA!

    I got up the guts to do the PVT, and got the good pop up. I am still in dreamland mode where it doesn't seem real!! Congrats!!
  4. So many SATA!

    My tutor took a while to reply back to some of my messages as well. My scores were so bad at first. On the med/surg assessment I only got like 52% the first time but after the focused review, it went up to like 65%. I can't remember what my final ...
  5. Good pop up?

    It is supposed to be like 100% that this trick works, right? I am in total shock. It cut off at 75 and I bet 90% of my test was SATA. The rest was pharm, and 1 of my pharm questions didn't have both generic and the brand name. I also had 3 drag a...
  6. Good pop up?

    I took my NCLEX RN this morning. Do any of you know what the "good pop up" says? I got one that says: Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration can...
  7. PLEASE HELP! Think I failed NCLEX for the second time.. need advice

    I took the test this morning for my second time. 90% of my questions were SATA. And it shut off at 75. I am so nervous, I don't have the guts to check the PVT. Has anyone heard of if you get a lot of SATA that it is a good thing? I thought I read th...
  8. So many SATA!

    I did the virtual online ATI tutor. Have you heard if SATA is a good thing? I felt so prepared and then I felt like the questions were nothing like Kaplan, ATI, or Saunders.
  9. So many SATA!

    So I just took NCLEX for RN. It shut off at 75, and this is my second time. I am so worried because I mostly had SATA and pharm. I thought I have read that if you have a lot of SATA, then that is a good thing. Does anyone know if that is true? :'(
  10. Do I really know anything??!!

    Congrats on passing! That is awesome! Did you find it helpful to use testing strategies?
  11. Do I really know anything??!!

    Well, I also did the online ATI tutor, and on the NCLEX predictor test, I got a predicting score of 90% chance to pass NCLEX. But it seems that when I take quizzes, and I don't do good on them, which is not very often, I get worried. I will be taki...
  12. Do I really know anything??!!

    So I am ready to take my test...or so I thought. Two days ago, I was so confident and feeling so good. I got my ATT today, and now, I feel like I don't know anything. I even took a Kaplan test today, and got 59%!! It seems that even when I try to...
  13. Questions most like NCLEX?

    Hello everyone! I am new to this site, and I was hoping someone could help me. I am wondering what everyone thought as far as between Saunder's and ATI, which program has questions most like those on the NCLEX. Thanks!!