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  1. I was at my first nursing job for two years, and I loved my unit, the type of nursing I was doing, and my coworkers, but we worked frequently with very limited resources, making the overall job very stressful and unsafe. The patient to nurse ratio was always greater than it was supposed to be, which is very scary especially considering it was an ICU. I tried to wait it out and see if it would get any better, but I agree with Daisy that it will never ever get better. It never did. It got to the point where I dreaded every day I had to go to work, and on my days off, I worried about going back to work. It started ruining me mentally. I left that hospital and started working at another hospital, similar type of unit, and I am so thankful I did. It was scary leaving my amazing team behind to go to a place where I knew no one, but it had to be done. I now am able to go to work and actually enjoy being there, and when I go home, I don't think about work. Overall, work and life in general are now much better. I have been there 2 years now and no plans to leave any time soon! Sometimes it is better to leave. Don't let fear of the unknown stick you in a rut. Take that leap. It can better your life.
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    Odd interactions

    RNsRWE, I had the SAME EXACT situation happen to me but with a male patient. He told me I should have been a stripper instead of a nurse because I encouraged him to wipe his own bottom
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    All RN Model

    Hey everyone, So I work in an inner city hospital that has implemented the All RN Model 3 years ago. I have been working here for a year and a half now, and I am just wondering if any other hospitals have implemented this model and what other nurses think of it?
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    Hello All, I am a new graduate nurse with a BSN looking for some advice please! To start, I have worked for a very large inner-city hospital as a Patient Care Technician for a little over a year now. I honestly love my job, but know that I only got the position because one of my family members also works here. This situation is very common at this facility. Over the past year, I have definitely proved myself as a dedicated, hard worker, who is so eager to learn. I have always wanted to go into critical care nursing, especially because I want to go back to school to become a CRNA. I was very fortunate that after graduation and completing boards, my boss put in a good word for me to receive a RN position with this institution's nurse residency program. It took some time, but I am happy to say that I have been offered a position with this hospital on a surgical step-down unit. The only downfall that I can see so far with this unit is that the nurse:patient ratio is 1:6, which I feel is a lot for a step-down unit. Additionally, two days before I was offered this position, I went on an interview for a Cardio Thoracic ICU at A DIFFERENT facility, which is also offered through a nurse residency program. I feel that the interview went fairly well, but I am still waiting to hear back from them (It has only been 1 week). So my question is..Does anyone have any advice on this situation. Is it difficult to move from a step-down unit to an ICU? I really want this ICU position, but I do not want to burn any bridges. I may be jumping the gun on this situation, but I want to have time to think about this. It is a HUGE life decision. Thank you so much for your comments!