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  1. Newer Nurse trying to follow heart

    I landed a hospice job with 3 years LTC and 2 years in-patient psych experience. I never worked a day in med surg. Both areas of experience have served me very well in hospice. Some of our nurses come from ER and ICU backgrounds and I watch them s...
  2. Hawaii and hospice

    Thanks for the reply!
  3. Hawaii and hospice

    What is the need for hospice/palliative care nurses in Hawaii?
  4. Actually, the most important question is "Is the patient OK?" How did her scan turn out? Yes, anyone can make a mistake but why did you think it was ok to leave the patient alone in the bathroom? And on a neuro floor? Hopefully you learn from this...
  5. home visit nursing vs hospital/clinic

    The only time I feel rushed is if another one of my patients is in crisis and needs me. Other than that, I decide how much time I can spend on each patient. I do have minimum number of visits to complete each week but beyond that I am free to set m...
  6. home visit nursing vs hospital/clinic

    I'll give you the other side (I work home hospice): I have autonomy. Physicians generally respect my opinions and always listen to what I have to say. *I* am considered the expert at times. I can set my own schedule as long as my patients are seen ...
  7. Issues with home care agency

    Well then I would not give them one more minute of my time. I believe they are just trying to scare you. I worked HH, albeit briefly, and I know how anal they are with documentation. As long as you are sure all loose ends are tied up, I would not ...
  8. Issues with home care agency

    Is there a reason you did not give a 2 week notice?
  9. Are nurses allowed to have facial piercings?

    Just get the clear plastic studs. It probably won't grow shut anyway in a 6 hour clinical or even a 12 hour work day. You could also always carry a stud in your pocket and when you use the restroom or take a break just poke it through quickly. Tr...
  10. Is nursing as bad as some say???

    To address the original question, I fall into quite a of the few camps mentioned. It was a calling, but I also was stuck in a dead end job paying barely above minimum wage. I was a high school drop-out with a GED who had kids way to soon. The oppo...
  11. Hospice documentation compare to home health documentation

    How can you be PRN and a case manager at the same time? I would ask them to clarify that. Pay per visit as PRN, yes. As case manager, never.
  12. resources for hospice medications?

    I received a small book titled "The Hospice And Palliative Care Symptom Management Handbook". My employer gave it to me but you may be able to purchase it on Amazon.
  13. Smokers need not apply?

    A bit uppity, eh? You really shouldn't lump all smokers into one category. Your last paragraph was rude and presumptuous. If smokers don't belong in healthcare, then neither do people who drink or are obese. How is an obese nurse going to teach m...
  14. Electronic cigarettes

    I was just reading a previous thread on the trend of employers refusing to hire smokers. I wanted to see some responses concerning the new E-Cigs and how non-smokers feel about them. For those that don't know what they are: An E-Cig uses water va...
  15. I'd be more concerned about the repercussions for my husband who will be left behind at this hospital. Yes, you work on different units but people talk.