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misha8210 has 5 years experience and specializes in Postpartum, Mother-baby.

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  1. Hey I saw one of your responses to someone’s post related to nursing school and I noticed you failed nursing school but applie to another and are now an RN. But question, when you applied to the other program, did you mention the nursing school you were dismissed from? 




  2. misha8210

    how to quit my current job

    Geez! I am on also on the same boat. I started orientation a week ago, yesterday I got a call for an interview for my dream job! I have been applying for that job for a year. Finally, I got an interview! I am excited but nervous. I am also worried because if I get an offer from my dream job, I do not know what to tell my current employer. She has been so nice to me...I dont want to burn any bridges.:redbeathe
  3. misha8210

    HCA Hospitals in Houston(Woman's Hospital and Clear Lake)

    I have looked at many hospitals, but they will not hire me in there postpartum dept. I applied to Clear Lake they offered me a job in their postpartum. The problem is it's far from where I live (about 45 mins away) I just want to know if someone who works in Clear Lake to tell me about the work environment. Or does anyone know other hospitals in SW area, medical center or other surrounding areas?
  4. misha8210

    Job Offer in Newborn Nursery

  5. misha8210

    Getting Out

    I feel the same way you do, I hate when people tell me, "oh it will be get better or just hang in there." Honestly, I feel like I am just settling, so are you. Please do NOT settle. Go find your niche!
  6. misha8210

    Turning down a position - ok to email?

    Honestly, Do want it feels right in your gut. I have six month of med-surg experience and it gets challenging everyday. Especially if you work the day shift, it's HELL! Too many orders from doctors, dealing with CNAs who dont want to help, less time to spend with patients, so many medications that I have not heard before, passing meds all day. I knew I am not cut out to be a m/s nurse, I always wanted to be an OB nurse since I went to my OB clinical rotation. I see what the other posters are saying, yes a L&D for a new grad are HARD to find. Trust me, I have applied to several women's services positions,I get NO responses. It's hard and I am still looking for one now, it's still hard.I took this M/S job because I didn't have a choice. Sorry for venting, lol...I am happy for you. I would call the manager to decline the position. If you choose med-surg, you can work for 2 or more years before applying to L&D again
  7. misha8210

    What Nursing school are you in? Show your pride!

    i am going to the university of memphis...their state boards were 100% for this year. go tigers!!! :balloons: class of 2007!!! woo-hoo
  8. misha8210

    Fall starters..check in!!

    I start August 29 and my orientation starts August 23. Geez..It's about a month away. Geez...I am nervous!!!