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    DOH launches RN HEALS

    currently an Rnheals in cagayan de oro (hospital based) and our stipends are being taxed. 800 pesos is currently witheld every month and we have to file a 1901 with the bir and pay 500 pesos. guess what? most of my fellow Rnheals don't want to go through it (we were required to file a 1902 in January) and so who would benefit from the 9800 pesos per Rnheals (about 300) of us if it cannot be remitted because we did not file? is this happening it other parts of yhe country too? thanks.
  2. hi could you send me a copy of the format too? bido9642342@gmail.com thanks alot
  3. hi @jeffyanne. I'm going to submit my application for authorization. I've been to their site but the requirements description is so general, could you send me a list of items you submitted? Also, did you apply for auxiliary nurse or as general nurse? Did you use wire transfer for the fee? My email is bido9642342@gmail.com Thank you so much

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