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  1. wildling

    what if I miss a class or clinical?

    Missing lecture is no big deal, that's your own prerogative. You can miss a day in clinical if you're sick or there's an emergency but you must be excellent when it comes to skills, otherwise your clinical instructor may not pass you.
  2. wildling

    Nursing students and their bad behaviors >:(

    I think most of this is a MYOB kind of thing. Who cares what other people do? Does it really effect you that someone walks in an hour late? Or that people complain about the uniform? Or that someone does their nails? The only thing you said that would annoy me is the changing of the schedule, which would I'm sure not fly with many students who have set their schedules around it. Everything else is really on your instructors. They're not idiots. They know you can find things on the Internet. If it was a big deal to them they would change the assignment. It's up to them to enforce their rules. Same as an employer. Students putting themselves at risk have no leg to stand on if they get in trouble. It's not any of my business, doesn't affect how well I do on exams. I complain about the uniform. Our school thought the women's scrubs were too risqué, so we all wear men's/unisex, which you can imagine fits terribly on many. And our scrubs are teal, so some of the men in our class have voiced their disdain. I don't think complaining about something you're forced to wear means you're not proud of your school. That's ridiculous. Also, I'm one of those people that search the web in class. I don't learn well in the lecture. I do better listening to the voice recordings at home with the book in front of me. Ive consistently scored in the 88-92% on exams. Again, what is what I do on my laptop a concern to you? The person that asks stupid questions just humiliates themselves, why do you even give it a second thought? Nursing school is already stressful. I really don't see why anyone would put any time or energy into what other people do.
  3. wildling

    Parent of baby/nursing student

    Can you start earlier? When baby is a newborn to about one year, it's actually A lot easier because they sleep a lot and I had used that time to study. You get used to a little sleep (I started after a couple of weeks when I had mine). Toddler age is really hard, I have to usually find a sitter just to study because my toddler only has one short nap a day and is up until 930 pm. I'm usually too tired to study after. I've talked to a few others with young children that felt the same way. If you can't start earlier, I would plan to stay after class to study, because you won't get that time when you get home.
  4. wildling

    paying bills while in school

    Student loans, scholarships, and major budgeting.
  5. wildling

    Should I give up?

    I think you're going to have a very difficult time in nursing school if youre finding human anatomy hard to pass. Nursing school is basically human anatomy and physiology on steroids. Those that got As in basic human anatomy are getting lower Bs/upper Cs in class. There are many other careers that work with patients (social services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, ultrasound). That's not to say you can never be a nurse. There are so many people that go into nursing as their second or third career. I'm not saying you should "give up" but I think you're at the point where you should probably explore other options similar to your interests and see if anything stands out to you.
  6. wildling

    More important to lay low or fit in?

    I'm a pretty shy person but I've made a great group of friends in my program. There's no drama and we help each other out. A plus size to being friends with most of your cohort is the networking opportunities that comes later :)
  7. I understand feeling upset. I had clinicals at a hospital for two semesters at a place that was 40 minutes from my house no traffic. A couple times it took me 2 hours to get home (and then I had to write a care plan), only to turn around and come back less than ten hours later. Meanwhile others had clinicals ten minutes from their house. I envied them, but honestly you just get over it and adapt. With the hundreds of students they have to place, some are going to get the short end of the stick. There's a million other things to stress about in nursing school.
  8. wildling

    Tell me about Bend

    Hi! Boyfriend wishes to move to Bend after hearing great things from others about it. I'll be graduating in December, possibly sooner. How's the nursing prospect out there? We're from Phoenix, which has been dry up until a year ago. There seems to be jobs opening up for new grads (or at least more than the last few years). I'm considering applying for residency/full time jobs in both AZ and OR. I'm not sure where to start with Bend though. I'm especially interested in L & D, NICU, PICU specialties. Any suggestions or info on the current market would be great.
  9. wildling

    MCCD Preceptorships

    At the end of block 4 you follow a RN around for I believe 3 12 hour shifts a week the last few weeks. It is different than clinical as you act a hired RN I believe.
  10. wildling

    MCCD Preceptorships

    Thank you for that information. I know my school still does it (SCC) so was wondering about the details :) Did you get your first choice for your specialty?
  11. wildling

    MCCD Preceptorships

    I can't find anything online about maricopa county community college preceptorships. Do you get to pick where you want to go? Any info would be great!
  12. wildling


    Also curious about this!
  13. wildling

    CEP May Applicants

    Congrats nothing yet for the UoPX/gwcc, but they hadn't finished placing for fall 14 so not expecting anything any time soon!
  14. wildling

    CEP May Applicants

    Thanks :) and yeah I was surprised as well. And when I talked to the UoPX advisor she automatically assumed I would apply to both and had the fall schedule ready to go over.
  15. wildling

    CEP May Applicants

    Good luck to you as well. For me, UoPX had the least amount of pre reqs compared to nau. I know they only take 30 applicants so we'll see what happens. Another poster on here said her UoPX group didn't have 30 people apply so everyone got in that applied. How is the financial aid different if you don't mind me asking?