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  1. mariarose

    I failed...med surg

    My med surg clinical prof failed me for my first med surg clinical. I have a failure in the course and I can not withdraw. I am devastated and heartbroken. I have never once got a C in my classes. All of them were A's and B's in my pre nursing and nursing class. I strive for good grades. I was told I can retake the course and the new grade will replace my F. But the F will still show on my record but not as part of my GPA. But, I am hesistant if I want to do this all over again. It is stressful and I felt like I was crying ever day because my clinical prof stressed me out so much. I might have the same prof the next time I repeat. I'm afraid of failing the second time. If I fail again, I am out of the program. Even though I am hesistant, my friends and nursing advisor told me I should keep going. I am a 3rd year in BSN nursing school. I do not know whether I should continue. If I am struggling in med surg. I do not know how I can succeed in other nursing courses. I am already semester behind in graduating. This is making my situation more complicated. I am at the point where I can pursue nursing or change my major to graduate on time. But I do not want all the hard work for nursing to be gone. I want to become a nurse but the reality of me succeeding in the program have me reconsider this path. I have been struggling the whole semester. I feel like I've hit rock bottom and completely lack motivation to study for my other nursing classes. I'm aware this decision will ultimately be made by me but I need to inquire some insight and perspective on this. How did you deal with failure? What made you overcome it?
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by saying it will not count as a "nursing experience." I want to work in the hospital in specific departments such as ICU or ER. It seems that the externships, I've been seeing online are saying it's either CNA or PCA type of work.
  3. I'm currently a junior (3rd yr out of 4) full-time nursing student going for BSN. I'm contemplating for next summer, if I should be in an nursing externship/intership for PCA or CNA position (just for the summer). The purpose is to build my resume and having something to write about when I apply for jobs after graduation. I heard that hospitals are now requiring more potential applicants to have some background/experience in a healthcare field. I hear it helps you find which specialty you want to go in. Does anyone think that having a summer externship/intership is important to find a nursing job in a hospital? This might sound early to be asking but If I was going to do it, the application process takes time.
  4. I am a nursing student who plans to work in a hospital near my family. I am a Korean American who is from Korean descent. The area my family lives in has a large korean population My concern is that if I work in a hospital where my family lives in, the chances of me having a korean patient is high. I worry that my Korean is not advanced enough to fully understand the patients symptoms or prescriptions (ex. naming body parts, any medications in korean). I only know basic korean. In nursing school, I'm learning all of the med terms and anatomy in English. Would this be of any concern in the future?
  5. mariarose

    Nurse jobs: How does it all work?

    The current state I am residing is non-compact state but the states I am planning to apply are in "pending" compact licensure. Would these states be considered non-compact?
  6. mariarose

    Nurse jobs: How does it all work?

    If there's going to be a delay, do you suggest that nursing students apply/search for jobs before taking the NCLEX?
  7. mariarose

    Nurse jobs: How does it all work?

    Yes. But I am planning to apply to different states to increase my chances of getting hired. Do you suggest this plan or I should be applying in only one state?
  8. mariarose

    Nurse jobs: How does it all work?

    I am a nursing student. I am wondering how do nursing students search for jobs after taking the NCLEX? For instance, let's say I am registered as a nurse in State A. But I've decided to apply for hospital positions in State A, State B, and State C. If I am guaranteed for a position in State B and have completed the interview process, do I switch my State A license to State B? Do I need to repeat the NCLEX exam if I am working in a different state?
  9. mariarose

    TEAS HELP!!!

    I took the TEAS and passed. You should check the percentage you need to get into the program. Yes, you need to take math, reading, english, and science. That was how the test was conducted for me. There are sources online that can help you prepare for TEAS but I prefer to study a book so I can highlight and make notes. But this is entirely up to your preference.
  10. mariarose

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    I'm starting the program in August, I'm pretty excited and nervous. I made one upperclassman nursing friend and she helped a lot. She sold 2 nursing books to me for under $20 (which I thought was generous of her). She also let me know which supplies/items I truly need for nursing school (some items are not required or used). I also learned from her what to expect from orientation and clinicals. I feel a less nervous then before. I think it's important to ask someone who went through the program.
  11. mariarose

    Failing a&p this summer. Bad GPA. What now?

    Organization skills and time management are crucial to your study habits. Do you study 1 hr with no distractions and take 20 minutes break in-between each hour? Try to evaluate your own study habits. No matter which area of studying you are pursuing, good study habits are important to develop on your own. This will also carry on to the working field as well.
  12. mariarose

    Internship/Externship need CNA license?

    I am applying for internship/externship around in the winter when I completed first semester of nursing school. But I am wondering if it's essential to be certified in CNA to be part of an internship/externship program. Can the program consider my clinical experience in my college instead?
  13. I'm currently heading towards my first year of nursing school (BSN). After completing my first year, I intend to apply for internship/externship for nursing for summer 2016. Although I saw on the website that many programs require a CNA license. This summer, I'm contemplating about taking courses to obtain my CNA license. The only issue is that once I obtain my license, I will be returning to school for the fall and spring year. In other words, I will not be working while in school. Should I still obtain my CNA license even if I do not gain experience as a CNA? Can I apply for internship/externship based on my first year of clinical experience in nursing school? How long does a CNA license last if I do not work as CNA right away?
  14. mariarose

    Chances of Graduate School?

    Hello, I'm a sophomore student currently in college to obtain her BSN. I am taking my pre-reqs and will be starting clinicals in junior year. I'm contemplating about going to graduate school to obtain my masters. However, I worry if my GPA is qualified enough to attend graduate school. Currently, my GPA is a 3.5 and my passion is to become a nurse practitioner. What are my chances of graduate school?
  15. mariarose

    Pre-nursing how to be prepared?

    I found out my college offers workshop and I have joined a few workshops. I see. This was very helpful and informative. I'll try my best. Thank you.
  16. mariarose

    Pre-nursing how to be prepared?

    I see. Thank you for your input.