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Chances of Graduate School?


Hello, I'm a sophomore student currently in college to obtain her BSN. I am taking my pre-reqs and will be starting clinicals in junior year. I'm contemplating about going to graduate school to obtain my masters. However, I worry if my GPA is qualified enough to attend graduate school. Currently, my GPA is a 3.5 and my passion is to become a nurse practitioner. What are my chances of graduate school?


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There are other factors beside your GPA that determine your acceptance to graduate school. For example, does your school also offer MSN programs? If so, you might have an unspoken, slight advantage having already attended that school for your BSN. Are you going to go right into the MSN without working as a nurse? Unless your grades are stellar that may not work to your advantage if you want to go straight through for the MSN. Do you have any extracurricular and/or volunteer experience? Other things that matter are your letters of recommendation and your goal statement. The other thing that confounds things is that it depends on who is applying at the same time as you in terms of the applicant pool. Depending on the grades of the other applicants, a 3.5 GPA may be enough or it may not be. With all of that being said, I would focus on your BSN program right now and do the best you can while learning as much as you can. Graduate school will always be there.

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I think your changes are good. Like sslamster said - it will depend on other factors. For instance, my program required an "A" in statistics from the BSN level.