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Since the age of 6 I have always been called to medicine. I am answering the call by becoming a nursing student. Dalton State College Nursing student.

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  1. setho1993

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    Born in SC, currently in Northwest GA. About to eneter in my final semester of my school's RN program!
  2. setho1993

    Student Nurse

    I'll echo that. When I went through my OB rotation, there was one male nurse on the entire floor and that was in NICU. NICU is a really awesome field!
  3. Having worked through, peds, geriatrics, psych, and med surg, I can't say that I felt like I was treated differently. Yes, I realize I'm in the minority there are less than 10 guys in our class of 80, but I have never had my professors, classmates, or my patients comment on my gender. However, I have noticed more female conversations flying around in class, clinical, etc., but that's just due to majority of girls. I save the monster truck and football talk for after school lol.
  4. My school required me to have a pair of all white shoes. I hated the way all typical all white nursing shoes looked and felt so I ordered a pair of Nike Free Runs 5.0 in all white. They were expensive but after logging many hours on my feet, I'd say it was money well invested.
  5. setho1993

    Male Nurses that lift weights and stay fit

    I start nursing in two weeks and was an avid weight lifter, i finished the insanity program twice then got covered up in school. Getting into a lifting/ biking schedule as I go back into school this year.