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  1. Hi there! How come you have 4 deficiencies? Most of the Phil grad has just either psych, ms or ob. When you were in nursing school did you stop or something? So sorry just curious. Thanks!
  2. Bon Hawaii Requirements

    which state did you apply? Have you gotten your ATT?
  3. Bon Hawaii Requirements

    Okay thanks dragon_lady. Did you take your exam in Hawaii?
  4. Bon Hawaii Requirements

    hi everyone! does Board of Nursing in Hawaii needs a fingerprint? i checked on their website but i dont see a fingerprint requirement. do they only needs the cgfns #, application and $40 fee? can anyone verify for me the requirements in Hawaii. thank...
  5. Kaplan Readiness Test - Ready or not?

    I'm trying to send you a message but ur inbox is full.
  6. okay got it. Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate it.
  7. Hi everyone! I applied California to take Nclex RN but I got denied. I am now planning to apply in Texas but I have a questions. If I am a permanent resident of California (Non Compact State) and applying Nclex RN in Texas (Compact State), what will ...
  8. oh so you got the new curriculum if you graduated last year. Were you denied also in California about the concurrency?
  9. okay. thanks! do you live in Nevada? what year did you graduate nursing in the phil?
  10. how come they required u to take some classes again? Its about concurrency issue?
  11. Filipino Graduate Applying for RN license in Texas

    crinyl07, Hi there! Thanks for the info. Can I get your email add? I can't send you a message. Thanks!:)
  12. Kaplan Q trainer

    Okay thanks guys!
  13. Kaplan Q trainer

    do you guys know where to get kaplan qtrainer for free? thanks!
  14. Nclex PN 6/5/2013...PVT?!

    i think some of them here waited for 3 weeks.
  15. atom2013, hows your application in Nevada?