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  1. Sierra_ellyse

    Bellingham Job Outlook?

    I am an RN (BSN) with on year experience on a rehab ltc floor. I am really wanting to move to Bellingham but also want to make the move to more acute care. I am currently in Bozeman, MT and the hospital here is very difficult to get a job at, its just very small and definitely favors its local grads (not that they have a very easy time either.) Is Bellingham similar or is it likely you can land a hospital job if you really work at it? I would be willing to start in an affiliated clinic and work my way to a med surg floor job I just want to know how likely this is before taking the plunge and moving again. Any info would be great, thanks! :-)
  2. Sierra_ellyse

    Oregon job outlook?

    I recently received my Oregon RN license by endorsement, I'm looking to move there in the spring possibly. I like Portland but would prefer somewhere near or similar to Eugene or Bend. I will have a little over a year of experience from the same facility, on a sub-acute rehab wing of a LTC facility. How is the job outlook throughout the state? I've heard Portland is very hard but I already got an offer for a dialysis center there it just wasn't the right timing. I would like to move into acute care but just can't at my local hospital since nurses with years of experience can't even get an interview there unless they "know somebody." Is it unlikely to find/land a hospital job anywhere in Oregon?
  3. Sierra_ellyse

    Move to Dialysis or stay in LTC?

    So I am a relatively new grad, I've been working in a LTC facility since February but have been looking for an acute care position since December. The area I am in has little opportunity for acute care jobs so I started looking elsewhere. I have an interview for a dialysis job in a big city and hope to move to critical care eventually but know that may take several years of gaining experience and working my way into a hospital system. My question is if dialysis is considered acute care nursing experience? If I got this job I would plan on keeping it for at least a year or two but don't want to leave my LTC job and start fresh if the experience is going to be considered the same. Has anyone moved from dialysis to med-surg/critical care easily? any info would be great thanks!
  4. Sierra_ellyse

    Vancouver Jobs

    Whats the job outlook in vancouver like? I have a year of experience and am looking for a med surg job or ICU which is my passion. I love washington and Oregon and am looking for where my best chance to get a job and relocate would be. Any info would be great thanks!
  5. I was really worried as well and even had a total breakdown and freakout about not finding anything this weekend and 4 days later I have two job offers! I'm also in an area that people told me i wouldn't find anything so stay positive! The worst case scenario of you NEVER being and employed RN is also NEVER going to happen. Good luck!
  6. Sierra_ellyse

    New Grad (hopefully) moving to Bozeman

    I got one! not in the hospital but in one of the local SNFs thanks for the encouragement!
  7. Sierra_ellyse

    Where in montana will hire new grads?

    Im in bozeman now and not having much luck. I am going to try to find an RN position somewhere in billings come may but if I don't find anything by September I'm willing to move anywhere in the state for an RN position. Where else should I look? I already have my license btw.
  8. Sierra_ellyse

    Montana BON and misdemeanors

    I have two misdemeanors that I paid fines for (under $200) and did not have to go to court or attend any programs or be on probation for them. One was underage consumption at 18 and one was alcohol in a state park 2 years later. The cop at the time of the second one told me it wasn't even classified as a misdemeanor but I'm skeptical of that and disclosed it to the board anyway just to be safe. Anyway I've already sent in my application and my explanations and documents etc just seeing if anyone has had any similar experiences in montana and what the outcome of their decision to let you sit for boards was because I'm very nervous that they will deny me. Thanks!
  9. Sierra_ellyse

    New Grad (hopefully) moving to Bozeman

    I'm currently about to enter my last semester for my BSN and will be graduating in December. I plan on applying to anything and everything within an hour of Bozeman but ideally would like to be at Deaconess. Anyone from around there have any idea of the hiring rate there or any relevant information on other facilities in or near Bozeman? In WV where I am finishing school it is pretty easy to get a job before even graduating. I plan to start applying in Sept to start in December or January but am worried I will have a difficult time getting a job. Any info would help thanks!