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New Grad (hopefully) moving to Bozeman

by Sierra_ellyse Sierra_ellyse (New) New

I'm currently about to enter my last semester for my BSN and will be graduating in December. I plan on applying to anything and everything within an hour of Bozeman but ideally would like to be at Deaconess. Anyone from around there have any idea of the hiring rate there or any relevant information on other facilities in or near Bozeman? In WV where I am finishing school it is pretty easy to get a job before even graduating. I plan to start applying in Sept to start in December or January but am worried I will have a difficult time getting a job. Any info would help thanks!

Its actually pretty hard from what I've been told by friends. MSU students seem to have priority there since they can do their clinical rotations. I also haven't heard great things about Deaconess in regards to nursing satisfaction / patient care. I have heard really good things about Billings Clinic and they are partnered with Mayo.

Good luck.

yep i graduated from MSU and everyone wants to be a nurse in bozeman but its a tough market. I moved out of state to get work. Theres just not enough jobs cause it is prime grounds out there. Id still try like hell though good luck

I got one! not in the hospital but in one of the local SNFs thanks for the encouragement!