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  1. Commute time to hospital job

    45-60 minutes one way. I use the commute to mentally prepare/decompress.
  2. Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Had all four out while in college, under conscious sedation. I did it over a long weekend, and threw up once. Took narcotics for a few days, and my Mom was diligent about switching our the ice packs. (I think she felt bad, she had told a surgeon I di...
  3. Odd interactions

    Wow! I had a lap chole myself last month. I was in and out of the hospital in about six hours.
  4. Let's Ban the Phrase "I'll Go Get Your Nurse"

    I wonder if the poster is fully aware of what a HUC actually does. When you expect me to 'take care' of the patient's 'fluffier' needs, I am missing the call from the specialist who I've paged three times. I can't get your patient a Ginger Ale and pr...
  5. Do you go to work with parabens on you?

    I'll start using all scent free products, as soon as my patients stop smoking. Some nights I come home from the ER smelling worse than when I worked in a bar in college!
  6. What are your personal standards when a patient "refuses care"

    'Others have a different approach, I've noticed, especially phlebotomy. The patient needs only to shake the head once, and the phoebes are outta there so fast with a perfunctory call to the nurse. But, then again, they'll use any excuse to skip draws...
  7. Prematurity Awareness Day - Project Baby Madeline

    A NICU Nurse saved my daughter's life, and she is the reason I am in nursing school today!
  8. Employee vs Patient: Do you receive care where you work?

    I work in the ER and while I would absolutely take my kids or a loved one to my ER, I don't seek treatment there. I know I would receive excellent care. I just feel weird about being treated by a doctor I work that closely with daily. To me it stretc...
  9. Access and HIPPA

    So sorry for the typo in the title. HIPAA not HIPPA. I've had the worlds longest day, still no excuse for not editing.
  10. Access and HIPPA

    I'm having surgery soon and just discovered a former instructor who was fired from my school is now working at the hospital I'll be using. Is there anyway I can make sure she is unable to access my records? We live in a small town and this person is ...
  11. You are NOT allergic to...

    Wait a second it starts with d, da, do, dill, dilaudid. That's it!
  12. Is it just me, or is this rude, sexist, and condescending?

    If you work on a floor with mostly women employees you should be putting the seat down each and every time. Your lack of respect over such a simple courtesy could easily spill out on to the floor politics. Your lack if courtesy will make it very ha...
  13. Worst/silliest/are you serious pt complaint you've received?

    Called into the director's office because I refused to violate HIPPA. After the director found out I was correct, she told me I was right not to give out the information out, but I didn't need to be rude or hang up on the caller. After the initial ca...
  14. Dilaudid for self-driving patient.

    The problem is where do you plan on holding these patients? I work in a small ER, we don't have room for patients to 'recover' from pain medications and also lack the staff to monitor for this length of time. If a patient doesn't have a ride they are...
  15. Starting as an ER Tech, what do you nurses want from me?

    Welcome to the tech/student club. I'd recommend finding nurses who don't mind questions. I've got a couple of nurses who never miss a teachable moment, and I'm so grateful for that. The only downside is that you will be learning how they do things in...