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I'm having surgery soon and just discovered a former instructor who was fired from my school is now working at the hospital I'll be using. Is there anyway I can make sure she is unable to access my records? We live in a small town and this person is notoriously indiscreet. Thanks in advance for any advice!


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So sorry for the typo in the title. HIPAA not HIPPA. I've had the worlds longest day, still no excuse for not editing.


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Just make sure you request her to not be part of your care. There may be a way to block her access to your chart by callng the facility ahead of time, but as long as she is not part of your care it would be a violation to even open your chart at all. One that would get her fired and possibly more. Just call and explain your worry and see what the facility can do.

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If she is providing care to you in anyway, she WILL have access to your chart. You say it's a small town, what are the odds of this? I highly doubt any nurse would risk immediate termination just to be nosy in a former students chart. Personally, I wouldn't sweat it---if you hear sensitive talk about your health, you can always have the facility check to see who accessed your records and narrow things down from there.


If she is working in another part of the hospital you are over-thinking things.

However, if you start hearing information back, I would call the hospital and see if she accessed it.

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