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  1. Jcat117

    TB Assessment Form

    That is very helpful and really good points ruby_jane! My understanding is to refer them to a clinic or to be tested if they are showing symptoms or were in a high-risk area. That's crazy to miss a cough for 9 months!
  2. Jcat117

    TB Assessment Form

    Thank you! That is very helpful and makes perfect sense. I can see how it would depend on the number of outbreaks in each area.
  3. Jcat117

    TB Assessment Form

    I'm new to school nursing and I've been asked to do the TB assessment forms for staff members. I know what to look for and am quite familiar with the disease, but I was curious if I shouldn't sign off if a staff member hasn't had a PPD test done in the last 2 years? One of the staff members said another nurse wouldn't sign off because they haven't had the test in several years, but they are not a risk otherwise. Was just curious on that.
  4. Jcat117

    From Tele to Med-Surg

    Hello, everyone-- Please forgive me if something similar to this has been posted. I've searched extensively as I've been debating on my next steps for quite some time. I graduated a year ago and my first job was telemetry. Telemetry was on the same floor as DOU, but I was months away from going to the DOU side of our floor. On the tele unit, I lasted 4 months. I got overwhelmed everyday and kept pushing through as everyone was so supportive with saying "stick it out: it gets better." With all of the stress involved, I didn't believe that it was worth it. I'm curious to if it would really be different on a stricktly med-surg floor. I LOVE learning about various diseases and conditions, but I don't necessarily want to specialize in one area like tele, oncology, or ortho. It seems as though it's tougher (though there are a few out there) to find a general med-surg floor as most of the job posts I see now days are med-surg/tele, med-surg/oncology, or med-surg/ortho. I could be wrong, but this seems like specializing when I was really hopeful in specializing in general med-surg. There's a part of me that believes I would do well on a med-surg floor without specializing in a specific area. I feel passionate about learning about everything and I think for me having a specific specialty in med-surg takes some of that away for me. I think to be your best and the best nurse you can be, and to stick through the bad days and for it to be worth it, you have to be passionate and a genuine love for what you do. The idea of med-surg excites me while having a specialty in med-surg takes that away from me because I don't have the same passion for a specific area like tele to learn EKG strips or oncology specifically (everyone has their passions and desires). I just hope that I'm not being delusional. I remember my tele preseptor telling me that staying in med-surg is when you have no motivation to keep going into deeper areas. To me, I get excited about the idea of making a career out of general med-surg because I like taking care of people, I like educating them, and learning about diseases and procedures. I don't think I'd ever get bored, I have NO desire for ICU, ER, or any other specialties that my classmates use med-surg as a stepping stone for. I can see taking roots in general med-surg and being the best I can be for a career. I appreciate any feedback or advice. I just hope I'm not being delusional or reaching for something that no longer exists. I'm hopeful it was just me being in tele and specializing in it when it's not what I really wanted and that there is still hope :) Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and for sharing your guidance.
  5. Jcat117

    College Level School Nurse?

    These are all really great points! Thank you all for the feedback :)
  6. Jcat117

    College Level School Nurse?

    Hello, everyone-- I have a question that I could use some feedback on. I have a friend that is overseeing a small private college. They know I'm an RN and they are curious to what all services an RN would be able to provide if they were to hire one. Any ideas of what all I could present as far as what an RN could do in a college setting? It wouldn't be a clinic with an NP or doctor. It would just be the RN on staff... Thank you in advance for any suggestions as it's greatly appreciated!
  7. Jcat117

    Required 20 Hours/Week

    I didn't realize they had a monthly start date! Nice :) I was worried they only had a couple of starts a year. This is good to know
  8. Jcat117

    Required 20 Hours/Week

    Good morning, I'm interested in WGUs program starting this summer, but I'm slightly concerned about the being required to work 20 hours a week before being considered. I'll graduate in May with my RN, and I was hoping to get started on the BSN right away. I'm concerned that it may take some time to get a nursing job as a new grad, and I've also been told by many people to be careful with which job you start off with. I was told by many that it's difficult to get into med-surg (acute care in general) once you've taken a job in something else like a nursing home (etc.) because you'll no longer be a new grad and eligible for the new grad program at a later time. Thanks for any advice or input on this!
  9. Jcat117

    Statistics and BioChem at WGU

    I'm going to take the statistics course at Straighterline before I start WGU's program. I'm not sure if it's easier or better, but it's an option.
  10. Jcat117

    If Nursing were a Male-Dominated Field

    Nice! I think it's funny. There are some people on here taking this a little too serious. Thanks for adding a little fun and humor. We need all the fun and humor we can get in our field. Keep the fun posts coming :)
  11. Jcat117

    Cheapest NLNAC RN to BSN online program?

    I know this thread is a couple years old at this point, but the information is really helpful having a list of schools with all of this information. I do want to update, for anyone else that comes along, University of Wyoming is no longer going to be the cheapest school out there. Look at their tuition charge. They started charging for out of state tuition. It's going to continue to go up over the next few years. It's still worth looking into if you're a Wyoming resident.
  12. Jcat117

    RN or NP: which role was more stressful?

    I'm also interested in hearing more. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences.
  13. Jcat117

    Heads up to all new nursing students:

    That's awesome! That's how I got through some of my previous schooling, and I already have my account set up for the next two years! I played because I was so stressed in the past. Did you play for the same reason, or because you were actually kind of bored?
  14. Jcat117

    Heads up to all new nursing students:

    Thanks you for this post. It made me realize that I already have a certain expectation of nursing school being the most difficult task I've ever completed because of what I hear others say. I think you're right. We should go in it prepared, know that we have to put in the work and effort, but the level of "stress" will be different for all of us.
  15. Jcat117

    Where Does the Bedside Nursing Go?

    Good point, Annaiya. It's probably the everything is new and shiny right now mentality. Need to leave a little room to see what the future holds!
  16. Jcat117

    Where Does the Bedside Nursing Go?

    That makes perfect sense! Especially the part about compartmentalizing depending on the "environment" that you're in. It sounds like there is no blending of the two, and that it's always going to be separated. The best way to go about it is to do one part time. This may be silly, but is it possible to be a full time RN and work part-time or in some capacity as an ARNP? Thanks for your responses. This is very helpful information.

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