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  1. Nathan08T

    Question regarding first DUI

    I received a DUI/refusal to test about 2 weeks ago. I blew three times but it time it gave a different reading and an error and so I questioned the 4th blow. Anyways, I have no priors and this was my first DUI. My hospital is very supportive of me and states they will keep me employed no questions asked. Anyone experienced with the Ok BON and how this works? Obviously I'll report the arrest when I renew but my lawyer is 99% sure ill just have an interlock device and given a deferred sentence. Is this going to land me in PEER?
  2. Nathan08T

    Question about OK peer program

    The fact they didn't drug test you is a good thing. I would hire an attorney that specializes in this kind of stuff. There's a chance they can do their own investigation and determine the facility was at fault for their method of charting. Say they misplaced documentation or whatnot. Did you fail to waste it? Was the Med count off? OK PEER isn't as bad as some other states but it still sucks Get an attorney yesterday.
  3. Nathan08T

    Caution taking supplements?

    I take a pre workout I get from Walmart and protein shakes and drink energy drinks and I've never had a positive drug screen, I've had over 30 UDS' so far. Yes there are false positives but they're actually fairly rare. The tests they use are very specific and confirmed via even more specific methods. The main false positive would be for alcohol/etg. You hear of some people.having false positives on dipstick screens but those are usually proven negative using more specific methods. Just be aware of the ingredients and you should be fine. The only suggestion I have is to stay away from any supplement that says "ephedra powered".
  4. Same... I'm a single male in my late 20s with a decent social life. My problem was never with alcohol. I hate this program so much because it really has limited me with certain experiences. Oh my friends are going out? I'll pass. Oh a cute girl invited me out to drinks? Nope, not worth trying to explain it. Even when I say "oh I don't drink" they still look at me differently. This program is hell but thankfully I only have roughly 9 months left. I'm not anywhere close to this but what if I decided to get married? I can't even have a drink at my wedding. I feel like I'm in the best years of my life and I can't truly enjoy it. You really do only live once and it's such a shame that this program is hell bent on monitoring and almost restricting your every move. I had a week off and some friends made a spontaneous trip to Mexico but obviously I had to sit that out.
  5. Nathan08T

    oklahoma peer employment

    Ummm... It means they have other nurses employed that are in the peer program. Some hospitals don't hire any nurse in the peer program.
  6. Nathan08T


    Do they screen for phenergan? I'm puking my brains out and have some phenergan from a while back but I'm afraid to take it.
  7. Nathan08T

    Licensure advice with misdemeanor

    I'm not sure how it works in terms of any official decision (meaning the information will be available online with your license information) but you will have to go through a monitoring program. California is 3 years I believe, sometimes 5. Random drug screens, AA meetings, and a few other things.
  8. Nathan08T

    UDS contract amount

    We use affinity, my contract states we will get tested 24 times per year, I've been in since last October. I've had 24 this year as of today. Anyone with a set amount of UDS' a year ever receive more than they agreed to? I don't mind the UDS, I don't care, I just get pissy when they expect us to follow the rules to a T yet there's still 2 months left of this year so I can't possibly see them not testing me before January
  9. Nathan08T

    Ex turned me in

    I would go get your own hair test and see if it's positive. They legally can't disclose that information to anyone unless you sign a waiver (I think). If it's negative then tell them to kiss your ass. I'd also go get a haircut beforehand
  10. Nathan08T

    Longest you’ve gone without having to give pee?

    Mine was a month. One person I knew had it three times in one week. My contract says 24 a year and I've done 22 this year so far. Part of me wonders if they will test me more than 24 times this year because we still have about 65 days left this year.
  11. Nathan08T


    If you pop positive for something they usually send the specimen off for gas chromatography which is much more specific for the metabolites they're testing for
  12. Nathan08T

    Disclosing former substance abuse for licensure.

    I would not, I can't imagine the board would ever just say "oh ok he's been clean for a while he's good". They will most likely want to meet and discuss an evaluation to determine if you're as clean and sober as you say you are. Honesty is good but these programs sometimes do more hard than good. If you have no legal paper trail of your addiction then I would just say no. Believe me, you don't want to be involved in any states "recovery" program if you don't have to
  13. Nathan08T

    Caught diverting methadone.

    Self reporting is the best thing you can do. Once you start your contract you will agree to stop working as a Nurse until they approve you to work again. Here in Oklahoma it was about 3 months before I was working again, you had to pass 4 drug screens and some other stuff. If they never said anything about pressing charges then they probably won't, but I would ask them to be sure. You'll be able to save your license in whatever program you're in. I was in your shoes a year ago and can say the program is annoying at best but completely doable. You get used to all the dumb **** you gotta do. Anyways, ask any questions youd like. Good luck
  14. Nathan08T

    TPAPN change to Affinity

    They should send you information on how to setup your account. Drugs screens are $50 a pop, search for Spectrum compliance in the app store, they just recently released it
  15. Nathan08T

    A penny for your thoughts

    May I ask why you were Injecting your Wellbutrin? I'm just curious because I'm going to ask my Dr for a script for it, but I'm worried its something people abuse? I really want to get a handle on my depression and have tried almost all the SSRIs with no results..
  16. Nathan08T

    Affinity Testing

    This is probably the peth test that treats for alcohol use within the past 90 days

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