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  1. Nathan08T

    Energy Drinks??

    I drink a monster a day (the ones you described) and have never had a single positive for etg
  2. Nathan08T

    Arby's Onion Bun with Poppy Seeds

    I did two dipstick tests at my hospital and they were both fine. I'm almost positive I'll be fine, I'm just less than 2 weeks away from finishing this and I'll be damned if I get screwed because of a few poppy seeds
  3. Nathan08T

    Arby's Onion Bun with Poppy Seeds

    I had an Arby's sandwich last night. The manager said there's no poppy seeds in the bun BUT after looking it up this morning it says it's topped with poppy seeds. Of course I was selected to test today.. Does anyone know how quick it clears your system?
  4. Nathan08T

    Anyone else being GPS tracked?

    Any of you with android should look into rooting your phone and installing a "GPS Mock" app. It spoofs your location so when you spoof it to the AA meeting and then check in it looks like you're at the meeting.
  5. Nathan08T

    Anyone else being GPS tracked?

    I don't know how IOS works but on android if it's rooted you could set "mock locations" which is basically spoofing your location to an app. I would just go that route and spoof your location to the meetings because **** that s***
  6. Nathan08T

    Question about OK peer program

    The fact they didn't drug test you is a good thing. I would hire an attorney that specializes in this kind of stuff. There's a chance they can do their own investigation and determine the facility was at fault for their method of charting. Say they misplaced documentation or whatnot. Did you fail to waste it? Was the Med count off? OK PEER isn't as bad as some other states but it still sucks Get an attorney yesterday.
  7. Nathan08T

    Isolating, Obsessing, Life on hold

    I'm glad you posted this because I feel the same way. I started to try and be a little more social and meet girls but telling them (or anyone really) that I don't drink is such a buzzkill. Even if they say they don't mind I still feel awkward. There's a difference between not being able to drink and not wanting to. I'm in my late 20s and feel like this program is ruining some of the best years of my life. Less than 5 months and I'll be done. I want to move out of this state and start a clean slate after this is over
  8. Nathan08T

    A Few Alcohol Free Products

    I wish my ex had done that
  9. I'm like 99% sure you have the IOP people sign a release so they can discuss your care with your CM. They will tell them about your UDS, there's no doubt about it. Talk to your IOP counselor and see if/when they're sending the UDS report. I wouldn't expect to get in too much trouble since you're just starting out in the program. If you were months in then it would be a different story
  10. Nathan08T

    Steps to reporting Med Diversion

    Unless you saw the person pop a norco at the nurses station then I wouldn't say a word. I'm not even sure why you would consider this
  11. Nathan08T

    Getting charged in multiple states?

    Basically you'll always have those marks on your license(s) whenever an employer in that state looks you up. The state you do the monitoring program in will offer you an agreement to join a monitoring program in order to keep your license. You will ONLY be able to practice in that state. Completing he program means you keep your license and can practice in that state. If our move to another state there is a 95% chance they will make you enter yet another monitoring program in order to be able to practice in that state. You'll basically have to pay your dues in each state that you wish to practice nursing in. The unfortunate side effect of not having some nationalized nursing practice act
  12. Nathan08T


    I've been vaping for the past 4 months and have no problem at all. I do make sure mine doesn't have alcohol in it. I asked someone once and they said only the alcohol flavors have a minute amount of alcohol in it
  13. Nathan08T

    Failed drug test, getting reported to BON

    Do you have documentation that you were outside the US recently? Unfortunately these people look at drug tests as evidence you were under the influence at that very moment in time. My only suggestion is to pull a bank statement for the time you purchased said OTC drug. Hopefully with proof of you being outside the US and documentation of a purchase at a location with codeine sold OTC they will be lenient. its a gamble, self reporting makes it easier for everyone because it keeps a mark off your license and speeds the whole damn process up, but you have somewhat of a defense here. These people are not reasonable though
  14. Nathan08T

    7 months to go...and now this

    I believe there's an exclusion list of people that can't be affiliated with any entity receiving Medicaid/care (can't remember which). But those people are usually only reported to that list if you have charges pressed. I've done extensive research on this and as long as you voluntarily entered your peer program (or whatever the "alternative to discipline" is) then they shouldn't know about any prior participation to those programs once you're done. Now if the BON tells you you have to go then that's a different story and you usually have a mark on your license at that point.
  15. Nathan08T

    Caution taking supplements?

    I take a pre workout I get from Walmart and protein shakes and drink energy drinks and I've never had a positive drug screen, I've had over 30 UDS' so far. Yes there are false positives but they're actually fairly rare. The tests they use are very specific and confirmed via even more specific methods. The main false positive would be for alcohol/etg. You hear of some people.having false positives on dipstick screens but those are usually proven negative using more specific methods. Just be aware of the ingredients and you should be fine. The only suggestion I have is to stay away from any supplement that says "ephedra powered".