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  1. maco1

    New to rehab

    I just transferred from a face paced tele/medsurg floor to the rehab floor. Any advice on what to become familiar with? We get a lot of cvs pts. We use fim which I know nothing about. Are the any good brain sheets to use? Thanks!
  2. maco1

    Tele to rehab

    Hi, I’m transferring from a tele floor to rehab floor. It’s a in-house transfer. Any advice on what to become familiar with before I start? Thanks
  3. maco1

    Med surg to acute rehab

    Hi, I’ve been a med-surg nurse for 12 years now. The work is hard and as I get older only will only get harder. What makes it worse is my manager. She shows a lot of favoritism and also takes about people behind there back. I have no respect for her. I’m considering applying for our acute rehab department. I like the fact that I will get to know the patients but realize it could be physically harder on me. I’m pushing 50 yrs old. Anyone have any advice?