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  1. maco1


    I’ve signed up for RN to BSN program with chamberlain. Maybe continuing for MSN to np. Is it better to do RN- BSN or go straight to RN- MSN? Thank you.
  2. maco1

    New to rehab

    I just transferred from a face paced tele/medsurg floor to the rehab floor. Any advice on what to become familiar with? We get a lot of cvs pts. We use fim which I know nothing about. Are the any good brain sheets to use? Thanks!
  3. maco1

    Tele to rehab

    Hi, I’m transferring from a tele floor to rehab floor. It’s a in-house transfer. Any advice on what to become familiar with before I start? Thanks
  4. maco1

    Med surg to acute rehab

    Hi, I’ve been a med-surg nurse for 12 years now. The work is hard and as I get older only will only get harder. What makes it worse is my manager. She shows a lot of favoritism and also takes about people behind there back. I have no respect for her. I’m considering applying for our acute rehab department. I like the fact that I will get to know the patients but realize it could be physically harder on me. I’m pushing 50 yrs old. Anyone have any advice?
  5. maco1

    Er nursing

    I've been a med/surg nurse for 12 years. I did tried icu -gave it a year and hated it. Not sure if it was actually the icu or if it was the facility. I went to another hospital. I've always liked er, but not sure I would be any good. I'm 49 years old now, not sure if u can teach a old dog new tricks. I'm so task oriented from doing med surg for so long. I'm scared if I switch, I will hate it. Any advice on what makes a good er nurse?
  6. maco1

    Regular hours?

    I'm not sure admitting and discharge nurse would be considered bedside nursing. Or would it?
  7. maco1

    Regular hours?

    Haha, I know right!
  8. maco1

    Regular hours?

    Do you feel like you are always at work? Do you have more energy when you get home to do things?
  9. maco1

    Regular hours?

    I'm at the point now that I want a change, but scared! This would be a good opportunity for me to stay with the same hospital plus I already know what to do cause I've been doing it some prn. I've been told that I will feel better when I get off work cause its 8 hrs versus 12 plus less stress. I just don't know what to do!
  10. maco1

    Regular hours?

    I will be doing discharges and admissions. I've done this some but just prn, it's alot less stressfull than floor nursing. I'm just concerned about working 5 days a week although my days will be shorter.
  11. maco1

    Regular hours?

    Anyone go from working 3 12 hr shifts to working 9 to 5? If so how do you like it?
  12. I'm thinking of taking a position as a admission/discharge nurse. I would be going from working 3 12 hr shifts to 5 8 hr shifts (9 to 530). How do you like the job and the hours?
  13. maco1


    I'm sure it will prob change. Like I said this is a new position in the this hospital. I know it is alot less stressful than working medsurg and icu. I just hope I don't feel like I'm working all the time!
  14. maco1


    Yes, this is a new program. There will be two discharge/admission nurses for 4 floors, medsurg/Tele floors.
  15. maco1


    I currently work in icu and prn on a medsurg floor. I was offered a job in the hospital as a discharge/admission nurse. It is fulltime 9-530. It's a easier job, less stressfull and something I can do for many years ( I'm not getting any younger). I'm just so use to working 12 hours and having 4 days off...will I feel like I'm always at work??
  16. maco1

    What to do??

    Yes, I think that could be it, I don't do it enough to feel comfortable doing it.

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