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Corrections, PCU, Dialysis
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AngeliqueRN has 2 years experience and specializes in Corrections, PCU, Dialysis.

Hey! I'm Angelique, 25 years old, R.N. My first job was in a prison as a correctional R.N. Then with Florida Hospital in a PCU. Now I am a acute dialysis R.N. working for a contracting company. So I go to all the hospitals in the Central Florida area and dialyze patients. Outside of my career, I am an avid traveler, love to workout, love to cook, and I am known for often going to local concerts, shows, and events.

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    Inmate/Staff Relationships

    I was a prison nurse and when I heard all of this foolishness on the news it didn't surprise me one bit! When I first started, I heard a lot of stories of previous nurses and female correctional officers who had hooked up with inmates and got busted. After I left, The director of nursing, herself, got busted for having an affair with an inmate. It's really all too common.