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  1. Next Career Steps...undecided

    Thank you for the information, this was helpful. I’m going to make a pros and cons list and really think and ask God to give me the best direction for my career choice. The good news is I don’t have to rush this and can wait to see what other opportu...
  2. Next Career Steps...undecided

    I spoke with someone who works there as case manager. She said they are newer here in St Louis and said the reviews were probably from Texas.
  3. Next Career Steps...undecided

    Hi there. Thanks everyone who’s replied so far. So far rehab is the only place that has made me an offer. The others I just have had an interview and others coming up. I might have another opportunity in endo again but the hospital isn’t as bus...
  4. I’ve been a nurse for 2 years. First year of med-surg and 2nd year endoscopy. I’m seeking a new opportunity and not sure what to do... Opportunities: Adult Rehab, good pay and sign on bonus, benefits so so, managements seems good, concerned...
  5. I recently accepted a position to transfer from my med-surg floor to our GI Lab. I was very excited and motivated about my decision but now am having serious 2nd thoughts. Over the last year I became a new nurse as a 2nd career, got married, blende...
  6. Thank you for the reply. I’m still having a hard time deciding if it’s the best fit for me. I have so many moving parts with kids who don’t drive yet, trying to decide if I need the flexibility of the 3 days vs the 5 days. I’m just not sure what to d...
  7. Thank you for
  8. I’ve been a new nurse for a little over a year on a renal/gi/gu med-surg unit. I’ve got a great team, great manager, but its a heavy floor. I’ve been applying for other jobs because I want more experience and want to become ACLS certified, and other ...
  9. MedSurg to GI

    Hi. Did you take the GI position? Do you like it compared to med-surg? Im thinking of doing the same but don’t know yet. Stefsni
  10. Considering going into GI nursing

    I’d like to know how you like GI nursing? I had an interview and not sure if I want to leave med-surg and go to a speciality. Let me know how it is going?
  11. What to study for NCLEX

    I just finished my 4th semester with an ADN program and we are using ATI for tracking and predictability. I'm getting a bit nervous about taking boards and studying for the NCLEX. My ATI comprehensive predictor said I only have a 78% chance of passi...
  12. New GN best area to start?

    I'm undecided. Long-term I would like to work in the ED, but I don't prefer night shift to start. I'm torn between all the talk of starting on nights vs. days. I've met many seasoned nurses who started on days and they survived. Cardiac is interestin...
  13. New GN best area to start?

    I'm graduating in a month and trying to find the best area to start...I've been offered the following positions: Advanced Cardiac Care Unit - Critical Care Renal/GU/Med-surg Surgical step-down 3 different hospitals, one on nights and the other two ...
  14. Hi Everyone! Is there anyone else on here who already attends Chamberlin in recent years? Can you give any advice as to how you like it so far? Is there anyone who is starting in January 2014? I was offered a space and a bit nervous about the schoo...
  15. I am down to my last prerequisites and I am applying to various schools. One school, St. Louis University I will be accepted into if I am successful this fall in chemistry and a&p 2. I don't want to risk my gpa if I take this PCA job. Can anyone ...