Need advice on switching from med-surg to GI Lab!

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I recently accepted a position to transfer from my med-surg floor to our GI Lab. I was very excited and motivated about my decision but now am having serious 2nd thoughts.

Over the last year I became a new nurse as a 2nd career, got married, blended families, and started my career. I am definitely still learning. Here are my personal obstacles:

1. Big time anxiety sufferer, change is very hard for me;

2. Indecisive after I felt confident about something, and now having regrets of the unknown;

3. Unsure if it’s the right time to give up the flexibility of working 3 days per week vs 5. This is bringing me a lot of stress as I’m trying to figure out how to balance life and all of the extras outside of 5 days a week. My kids go to school outside of any public transportation, so for the next several years I will have to drive them to and from highschool that is at minimum 25 minutes a day.

4. Anxious about trying to balance my new high schoolers commitments and balance everything else.

5. Leaving a good manager, who I know and is predictable.

6. Fear of failure going into a specialty that is nothing like med-surg.

7. Fear of losing my acute care skills, but exhausted from the long days most days and the demand that comes from a busy, heavy unit.

8. Last but not least, my marriage of less than a year has been rocky. We get along and then argue. We’ve been separated last fall 3 months after our marriage and went to counseling but it didn’t really dissolve much. Things are hot and cold with my husband, I don’t want to bash him...but there are times I don’t feel great about him having to step in and help with my kids and risk him threatening to not help drive them to school if we have an argument.

Im at a lost cause and need some serious sound professional advice!

Please help!

I'd say number 3 is the clincher for staying in med/surg. Working an, I assume, 8-5 Monday to Friday job is hard without a supportive partner.

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Sounds like a big mistake to move along at this time. Suffering from anxiety myself, I know what you must be going through. All of your 8 points are anxiety and fear, and it doesn't seem like you really want to move. I mean, you want to try different skills, but losing the flexibility is a HUGE thing. Since change is hard for you and there are a lot of other things you're concerned with, it seems like it's not a good move to change jobs now. Having a great boss is worth it's weight in gold! Since you said you already accepted it, you'll probably need to just move and hope it works out well. I sure hope it does for you!

BTW, sounds like your husband steps in a lot of take your kids to school and you're the one feeling bad/guilty about him doing it. Try thanking him for his contributions to your family and career, he probably doesn't feel appreciated for his 25 mins a day (each way or roundtrip?) investment in you. Just a bit of advice from someone who has been married for 14 years.

Good luck on your new job if that's the path you chose.

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Just browsing through posts & came across yours. I'm also looking to transition away from bedside & thought about GI lab or something similar. Did you end up making the transition??

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I am also going for an interview in GI las/outpatient surgery. I have been a nurse in a cardiac stepdown unit for 6 yrs now which I enjoyed and enhanced my assessment skills. But I am feeling rot in that place. I am concerned of giving up my 12 hours and more days off than 5 days a week but shorter time. How was your application?

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I feel like your skills will improve drastically. I learned SO much critical care skills working in the GI lab now then any other areas I have specialized in. You have to have great critical thinking skills and stay calm under very stressful situations. The docs rely on us heavily and really trust our intuition as nurses

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