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ORnurseLovesHerOfficer has 13 years experience and specializes in Digestive Care OR Nursing & Correctional Nursing.

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  1. Need advice on switching from med-surg to GI Lab!

    I feel like your skills will improve drastically. I learned SO much critical care skills working in the GI lab now then any other areas I have specialized in. You have to have great critical thinking skills and stay calm under very stressful situatio...
  2. How to apply pressure?

    I always ask the doctor where they think the loop is. I also visualize the abdomen and see if I can see the light from the scope. Our GI dept head taught me that when you are in doubt and other areas aren’t working, start at the belly button and push...
  3. Room turn over times

    That’s literally insane, 5 minutes and they are complaining?!? How we do it at a very large hospital, all our nurses are split between the hospital and the outpatient center. We have two nurses in each room. Once the doc comes out, he flips a colored...
  4. Been visiting AllNurses.com since 2008, had an old account and can’t remember the info to log in! Happy to be back! 

  5. Med error

    You state you are very sensitive to others, does this mean you are a sensitive person? Or that you are sensitive to other people’s needs? If it was the first one, I wonder if nursing as a career has any sort of longevity for you. Having a thick skin ...