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  1. Grab and Go Bag

    Hmm… do u mean my own handbag or the first aid bag for field trips? If my own handbag, here you go: pulse ox, cpr mask, stethoscope, pen light, knee hammer, bell hammer, blood pressure cuff, small stationery bag (pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser, p...
  2. Hello: I just wanted to know if any of you could provide some insights into these questions (I'm preparing for the school nurse certification exam and this is a question from a review book). According to Erikson's theory, which one is most concerning...
  3. Limited protein?

    Thank you for your help… hmm… I have none of these helpers you mention… other nurses recommend letting the teachers determine jointly with parents but mom insists that child can eat whatever and no need to worry about the amount of protein - I disagr...
  4. Limited protein?

    Thank you! I just wanted to know if besides the lunch and breakfast that must come within the amount of protein required. Can teachers give protein-free snacks to the student? If so, what kinda snacks can I put on the health action plan (candies? ...
  5. Limited protein?

  6. drop attacks ?

    thank you!
  7. drop attacks ?

    Thank you! Unfortunately, the district attorney at my district is pretty difficult to reach and we have no access to him. There's no IEP and I suggest a helmet but it's not prescribed. Administrator asked if we could have the student stay at home un...
  8. Limited protein?

    Thank you for the comments. The doctor did write a specific amount of protein. Let's say 5g of protein. The doctor confirmed for that 5g is for the entire school time. So during lunchtime, we already make sure child receives just less than or equa...
  9. Best references for a new school nurse

    NASN - National Association of School Nurses - go to bookstore. Hope this helps. Also your state/county protocols. Pink book on infectious disease from cdc. American pediatrics textbooks for school nurses. Hope this helps. And, welcome :)
  10. Limited protein?

    Hello: What would you do when you have a student with limited amount of protein for school? Can teacher give out protein-free snacks to students during classroom treats? Would you include reading ingredients on snacks and example of protein-free sna...
  11. drop attacks ?

    hello: What could you do when you have a student with frequent drop attacks at school? Student and family refused helmet. Not special ed.? Moved from another state. No doctor wants to see him in the state here yet due to insurance changes from state...
  12. Give meds or not?

    Thank you very much for the information!
  13. Give meds or not?

    Thank you very much for your kindness, explanation and clarifications. No, I'm contemplating taking on a camp nurse job. I just imagine all the situations that may happen, thanks to my overimagination and a worry wart nature I possess. Thanks so mu...
  14. Give meds or not?

    1 - If campers come with medication that is not in its original container or is mislabeled AND there's no doctor's order or doctor on staff, what would you do? Would you give the medications after clarifying with parents and google and the student ...
  15. no dr's order

    Thank you very much! I was quite anxious!